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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grey Hair

I promise to get off this ageing kick soon,
but ever since 
told me she was "letting the grey fly",
I've been thinking about just how beautiful grey hair can be.


the stunning Miss Judy Collins

this lady.  (Sorry, I've no idea who she is, or where
this picture came from...but it's been on my desktop for months
because I really want her hair.)

country-diva Emmylou Harris,


Helen Mirren
(although I think this is more platinum than grey)


Judi Dench

maybe it's all about the eyes...

Carolina Herrera

or the eyebrows...

perhaps it's the courage to just be who you are that shines through...

whatever...I Love It!


  1. Goodbye to the 'Blue Rinse'. Grey is the new Grey.

  2. There will come the day, soon I hope, that I get brave enough to chop it all off and let it return to the grey it has really been for 20 years.
    I don't mind the grey it's the half and half switch over that has me putting off the deed, lol


  3. I think grey hair can be very flattering, but not on everyone. I have to give it some thought. These ladies look wonderful, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off. It's not so much about aging as it is how I look with the shade I am!


  4. All these lovely people have become more poised with age and I think they all look more stunning as they get older.

  5. if my hair grows out the right kind of gray, i'd consider it.....

    great shots

  6. You picked some fabulous women who looks wonderful in their hair! I think, ...someday, I may have the courage!

  7. I colored my hair for about 15 years and stopped doing it about 7 years ago--I have to say that for me personally, I love not having the worry of the grow out! :-)

  8. I love the parts of my hair that are grey...I just hope it goes all grey soon so I can stop getting the bits that aren't streaked so they look like they are. If that made any sense at all!!

  9. I totally get it Kerry...have just started noticing grey at the temples, but it seems to blend right in with the highlights!
    I'm thinking after everyone's comments, the shade of grey is still going to need some help. Right now, mine's looking very silver, far so good!
    Love that you love H I s Tom.
    Cro...My mum used to have a colour rinse when she had her hair done every week. One week, blue, next pink, sometimes green...kept life very interesting!
    Okay...I think we're done with this ageing topic!

  10. J.,...... did we have the same Mum? I don't remember her with pink or green hair!!!

  11. I took the plunge over a year ago and I don't regret it at all. I think you just have to try it and see what sort of grey you have when your natural colour comes through. It's not easy, especially when you think everyone is looking at you thinking you need to get to the hairdressers to get your roots done.
    I am lucky in that most of the front of my hair is white and that's the bit I look at!!
    Round the back is a bit like a 'badgers's bum! but getting better each time it is cut
    Good luck with your decision - find a sympathetic hairdresser who will help you.

  12. Gosh it's been too long since I've visited your blog and first things great it is to be in your space again.
    The colors, the light the flowers....yummie.
    I'm gonna add you to my blog list straight away before I forget it again.

    Love the grays and you made me smile. I'm about 70% gray underneeth my red hair...yet I still feel toooo young (41) to let it all show between the red (that is slowly fading) yet seeing all these woman you made me smile....maybe one day....
    For now I'll stay a redheaded girl.

    Happy sunday and visit soon.
    Hugs D.

  13. My son said it best when he commented on me talking about letting my dyed red hair go grey. Andy, who began losing his beautiful thick mane in his early 30's, said "Oh to have such a dilema on what color should my hair be. I feel your pain."

    Our problems are all relative.

  14. Iwas going to say that Tom's HI has a lovely barnet!!!

  15. Let it shine is what I say step at a time :)

    Jeanne xx

  16. I've been thinking about my own grey lately. I suppose at some point I will let it fly, but not quite yet.

  17. This blog title really caught my has be 1 year, 3 months and 11 days since I have colored my hair! do I know the exact time...because every day it is a battle not to color...though getting a little bit easier. I know it absolutely makes me look older but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the freedom of not coloring...all the money...all the time...all the chit chat I save at the beauty salon! So worth it in the long run...

  18. There are lots of wonderful grey haired women on the Island where I live. It must be the salt water. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman no matter what her age or hair color.

  19. Nice to see you here Legend.
    I like the way you think!
    Just popped over to visit on your blog. Love that boat!

  20. I do not know how I missed this post. Here I am with all my grey. I need to get Joe to redo my profile photo now! BTW the lady who used to color my hair admitted that she would be grey too if she were not in the business.

  21. Having turned from a Brown Bear to a Polar Bear, I've come to like my new colour. Ranges from absolute white to a grey-white. Not bad for a "venerable" creature, I think.

  22. You were the one that inspired the post Olive! Can't wait for the new pic!
    You guys get it easy Rob-bear...when you hair turns white/grey, you all just look distinguished!

  23. I'm a chicken - just can't bring myself to do it. The high I get walking out of the salon after a colour is akin to what I reckon certain illegal substances have on addicts!! Bravo to those who make such a life-changing decision.
    Millie x

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  25. That second picture, "This lady", is from Jody Jaress (, an actress and singer. :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Charlote, you are absolutely right... my name IS Jody Jaress, actor/singer and new grandma and I am "This lady.."
    Thank you for finding me for this post... both of which were two very fun surprises for me to come across!
    Much love and joy, Jody
    ( (


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