Beauty in the Ordinary

This is not about being brilliant, or extraordinary, it's not about wanting to be famous, or making headlines, or trying to impress...this about sharing a 'gift' each day with the lift the spirit of people when they read this blog, to show them the beauty in the ordinary.
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Sunday, March 21, 2010

J.  When Eggs Benedict are added to the coffee and newspapers that form my usual perfect weekend morning, that morning elevates from perfect to sublime.  Not something I indulge in often (as it is such an indulgence), but this is my favourite meal.  As any chef will tell you, cooking an egg to perfection is measured in nano-seconds.  A hair underdone and the result is viscous and stomach-turning...a hair overdone and you might just as well play tennis with the thing, but a perfectly cooked egg will be silky and creamy at the same time. Then, when added to the thinnest slice of Canadian bacon and just a dash of the richest Hollandaise sauce, sitting atop a puffy cloud of  toasted english muffin, you have a breakfast to please the gods!  I am privileged to be able to enjoy this very meal with my family on the last morning of our stay in Toronto at our eldest daughter's home.  Back to our little berg tonight!

Privilege...I've been thinking a lot about a conversation I had with a friend recently who, at first, believed this blog was about privilege.  That my ability to 'choose' every day what my life is about, is something only few people get to do.  Respectfully, I beg to differ.  I believe this 'choice' is the one thing we all have in common.  I am in no way, belittling those who exist in dire circumstances, whose very life hangs in the balance each day, but even that person when they open their eyes each morning has the exact same moment as everyone else when they can say to themselves "This is how I will feel about my life today". This, in it's most pure form, is what my sister and I are writing about.
All the fluff of dresses and dishes etc, is simply an interpretation of looking at the best there is in everything and everyone.
Trust me, I go through the dirty and ugly as well...but why focus on it?  Brutally put, clean up the vomit, throw the soaked bed sheets in the wash, get down on your hands and knees and scrub that floor, but while you are doing all of that, give yourself permission to hum that pretty tune.  
So am I privileged? bet, in lots of different ways, but mostly I believe, because I have been given this opportunity called life.

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