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Monday, March 29, 2010

ellen-honigstock-hall.jpg  J.  Go to and have a look at this artfully-crafted reno of a brownstone in Greenwich Village.ellen-honigstock-living-room-2.jpg

And look at this pretty kitchen!


  1. Oh my...can I just move in now? I LOVE this look. While I usually do "white" and black with color splashes, I'm abandoning it this time. But this DOES make my heart go "pittey-pat"!

    And your links to other blogs featuring interiors - my favorite drug! Don't know whether to thank you or not!

  2. The last two houses we have done Lili have been all white walls. This time we have done white walls and a white kitchen. I did do a black and white tile floor in the hallway, black plantation shutters and all the interior doors on the main floor are black also. I just love it!
    And I know what you mean about the interior blog too!

  3. Amazing! I've ripped out several magazine photos of "black" doors & am thinking about that too! White appliances as well?

    Will you post photos of your own designs?

  4. The secret is to keep the trim white and only paint the door black (actually mine are iron grey, very dark and high gloss finish.
    Stainless steel appliances. And a very light white/grey quartz countertop and backsplash (I really would have loved french marble, but too expensive and too hard to maintain.) Are you doing a cooktop and wall oven or stove?


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