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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

J.  This is for you Lili...these are the photos that Victoria found for me which inspired the look that we went for in the new townhouse.  The black and white tile was a challenge in Canada.  I did find a supplier in California, but I don't want to tell you what that would have cost!  Our floor people did manage to find one supplier here who had a reasonable facsimile.  Not brilliant white and sharp black that I would have liked, but by going with the iron grey doors (instead of deep black) it has offset the floor nicely.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE it! I notice too that I've been drawn lately to celedon! That may become my bedroom accent color. Your photo of the celedon-themed wallpaper (?) in the room beyond the black & white flooring perked me up again! And your description of finding local tile is hitting home. I found one in Dallas that no one seems to have here - so I may be freighting it up here - thankfully it's a small area. And a grey door! I was thinking of that too for the strangest reason. I bought an antique door-knocker in Broadway & it's deep, deep black. I want it to stand out on the front door, yet I want a "black" door. So I'd been leaning toward an anthracite color. The pattern of the thin doors in your second photo is the pattern I chose! So much to think about! LOVE THESE PHOTOS! Is Victoria a designer or just have a designer's eye?

  2. She definitely has a very special 'designer's eye'.. And she isn't very far away from you! When the time comes two should meet.

  3.! After living in Thailand for three years...what a beautiful colour. How are you thinking of using it?

  4. Paint. Throw on the bed. Integrated somehow into the headboard possibly. It's easy to find lime or apple green but celedon is so restful and elegant. And true celedon probably isn't the right name. I'm talking about the shade of green on the wall behind the black & white tile hallway. What would you call that shade of green?

  5. V. What would you call that colour? I find celadon more sage-ish than what I see in the picture.


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