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Friday, March 26, 2010

J.  Now I have stove envy...

This photo came from Haute Design...Sarah Klassen's blog.  Visit and look at the other amazing photos she has posted of this beautiful house.


  1. What a fabulous house...I love the chandeliers with tassels instead of crystals...and the three tables put together are brilliant! And the view...oh that view!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to agree with Victoria about the chandelier! It's what caught my eye too in addition to the range. Your timing is uncanny - I just stayed up until 2am+ looking at ranges/cooktops online. Am leaning toward a smal BlueStar for my small house at this point...Ranges/cooktops/rangetops are almost all works of art these days!

  3. Don't know the BlueStar Lili, but Rudy did the research for our new house (even though I do the cooking!) and we have a JennAir four-burner gas range for my little kitchen. Have to say...I really like it.

  4. Lili...are you doing a conventional stove or a cook top and wall oven?


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