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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

J. excited.  Pop over to Brabourne Farm and check out the Everything Turquoise post.  This is the colour (Tiffany Blue) that I so want to paint my second floor doors!  Now that we have settled on a contractor to build the closets (did I tell you that?) and have found the half solid-half opaque glass doors for them...I think they shall be blue too.  I know, I said caution because we have the black plantation shutters, but I think it's going to work!


  1. love the blue J., but I still say be careful...what I am seeing in these pictures are a hint of it...used mostly as an accent...linens, boxes, curtains...a lot of painted doors just might be OTP.
    ...just a thought!

  2. So what do you suggest, because I'm doing part-wood, part-glass doors, should they be black like the shutters, and then the main doors black too...or should the whole thing be white (the way the doors are now), keep the shutters black (of course!) and find a Tiffany blue duvet?

  3. do you have a photo to share of what the closet doors will look like? Off the top of my head I would keep the doors white...and bring the Tiffany Blue colour in with curtains and duvet etc.
    I personally couldn't live, for a long time, with too many black doors.
    Perhaps I need to stretch a little and take more risks, but that's just me, I would play it safe and go to accessories for colour. I love the look of white wood, get a fabulous white in a high quality paint and it creates depth and richness.
    Pull the room together, then decide if you want to paint the bedroom doors (not the closet doors) black, to tie in with the rest of your black doors and shutters.


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