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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Beauty of Returning

V. No matter where our passions take us, how far we travel, it is the returning,
the reconnecting of our hearts to our homes. As J. says "never lose sight of the here and now".
So as I look outside my bedroom window to the daily gathering of the local pigeons that are always there, feeding on bird seed that an elderly gentleman leaves there for them, they are a reminder to me of the love and security of home.
Mention pigeons to most people and they just say they are nuisance, a pest, yet how can these loving birds be so. Research pigeons and you will find their energies are linked to very gentle and loving archetype.
When I think of pigeons I think of their amazing ability to return home no matter how far they have travelled.
When I moved into this Little House I had a strong need to find my way back to the security of a home. To say I was lost is not far from the truth. I felt I had been running in all directions for over 13 years. Moving into this house helped me to remember the warmth and love that a home can give, something that I had forgotten I needed.
I watch the pigeons huddling together taking comfort in the here and now.
That is the gift of the pigeon, this humble, common, ground feeding bird. One that is in constant contact with Mother Earth, reminding me to keep my feet on the ground, my love of home in my heart, and to always return to ones who love me, and when the storms appear to take comfort in the belonging of the home and family that is always waiting there for me.

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  1. I'm trying to look at pigeons differently V. , not sure about it, but giving it my best shot!


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