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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Penguins and Bandits

J.  Penguins and Bandits, always in the pantry!  I'd forgotten all about them!  Remember when we progressed from reading Mallory Towers to listening to Noel Edmunds and Radio Luxembourg.  Luckily I left my childhood sweet-tooth my childhood.  Now savoury...I can be tempted every time!
Nelson, my son-in-law once catered a cocktail party for me at our house and made your miniature yorkshire puddings with a miniscule slice of roast beef, a drop of gravy and a dash of horseradish sauce in the middle.  He also made miniature scotch eggs with quail eggs.  People followed him around all night!

Like you V.  I have very fond memories of our Sundays at home and with each of my kids having lived in England for a while, they too treasure the tradition of a good Sunday roast (even my Colombian kid).  A meal to linger over with family and friends.

If you want a real trip down memory lane V., go to:

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