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Monday, June 7, 2010

A closet, a closet, my kingdom for a closet...

Bang...bang...BANG!  Saw...saw...CRUNCH!  That's what my house sounds like today as my much-awaited closet begins to form.
When Rudy and I bought this little house almost a year ago now, it was at the dry-wall stage.  We decided then to make the second floor two bedrooms instead of the designed-for three.  Lacking your design-imagination Lili, we couldn't decide on how the master-bedroom, now the co-joined rooms and a sort-of L-shape, would fall out and so instructed the builder not to install a closet.
It's taken since closing (October 2009) to now to be able to convince one of our local much-too-busy-builders to take on this small (for them) project.

Jerry Skubel has flown to the rescue!  He arrived this morning in his ENORMOUS red truck, laden with wood and tools and miles and miles of packing paper that he tenderly placed on the floor to protect the hardwood.

 Bless his heart, he removes his boots everytime he comes into the house to put on running shoes that he puts on, takes off as he enters and leaves the bedroom.  With all that bending, toting and up and down the stairs, I know he is going to sleep well tonight.
My wonderful neighbour...I'm calling her Saint Sue, has permitted him to park in her driveway, leaving ours clear for the construction zone.  I hope she's still talking to me come the end of all this.
As soon as Jerry has the closet in...John will arrive to begin installing the cove-molding for the second floor.  That's the real messy job. Please let this glorious weather hold up for the week so most of the ugly work can go on outside.
Oh...did I mention?...Jerry is only framing the closet in and hanging the doors.  Rudy and I have the fun part of choosing and installing the insides once he is done.  Good job we have a strong marriage!

from this...

to just under three hours...not bad!

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