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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Men!...time to Man-Up!

J.  I married a Good Man.  No, seriously, he is one of the Good Guys.  You would never call him Nice, but, believe me, in a tight spot, he would be the FIRST one you would call.  Always fair...Always loyal.

I know other men like this (all of their phone numbers are in my kids' case of emergency call...).

In my little, sometimes closed world I think all men should be like this...DUH!

I so don't get it.  Why, as a guy, wouldn't you want to be John Wayne? Cary Grant? Humphrey Bogart?  Yes, even James Cagney?
Okay, modern times  George Clooney?  Heath Ledger?  Brad Pitt?  Bruce Willis?  Where is the payoff in being sleezy?

Men...time to man-up.  What the f**k is wrong with you????


  1. oh lord, if only it were that easy. what a wonderful world it would be...

  2. Oh, poor men - they just cannot win. Having just watched Clark Gable in 'The Misfits', I really identified with him when he asks Marilyn Monroe, "I just wonder who you think you've been talking to" when she hysterically attacks his disappearing way of life as a cowboy who ropes mustang. Then came the feminists, then came the wife-beaters. Real men (like me!), are hard to find...

  3. You've just inspired this post!

  4. Didn't mean this to be an all-man-bashing post, just a bad-man-bashing one, There are tons of decent blokes out there, I just get tired of the unreal ones gaining headway and defining the gender.

  5. It all depends on what you mean by 'decent', J. Some of them don't define their gender by throwing women - head first- through the glass ceiling!

  6. This is a non-gender specific rant Tom...just about how some men treat other and women alike. A creep, is a creep, is a creep...


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