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Monday, July 5, 2010

Don't Let The Weather Define Your Day!

Where's Summer?

V. "What summer?" I hear my fellow islanders cry. Has summer has forgotten us...or perhaps just not arrived yet? We are all trying to remember those warm sunny days, walking along the beach feeling the sun on our faces, or lounging on the terrace sipping cool lemonade.
But right now it feels more like October than July. Every day I wake up in anticipation of wearing a summer dress and flip flops! But no, it's still sweaters and jackets, I even had to put the heat on in the house the other night.

It's disappointing to see grey skies and this cool weather seems to be focus of everyone's conversation, oh no, now it's raining! A few degrees cooler and I think it might snow!
The weatherman forecasts highs of 26 and sunshine for this week, but not today! I bet he says the same thing tomorrow!
I try to tell myself to embrace what it is! Stop longing for what could be, or what was!
But the other day I found the above quote 'Don't let the weather define your day'...and something shifted for me.
I remember how I love walking along the beach bundled up in sweaters and scarves. I love cuddling up on the couch in blankets while reading my books.

So I'll rename this month 'Jutober' and I will not let the weather define my day.

And I'll hang up my summer sandals and put on my wellies.

Today is going to be a good day!


  1. Synchronicity!!!! We both posted 'weather' together! There's a few here today who would gladly trade the sultry hot weather we are having for your Jutober temperatures. But not me! Like you, I'm embracing what is.

  2. There is an irritating thing that some people say here about weather - "There's no such thing as 'bad weather', just inappropriate clothing". Well, I don't agree, outside of winter! We have had a great, cold winter, followed by a wonderful summer (so far). Jealous???

  3. I SO agree Tom, there definitely is bad weather...I followed Wimbledon along on the tv and could see the lovely sunny weather England was having.

    And J. keep the temperature up...I'll be there soon!

  4. We're having "Jutober" here in the NW too! I am wearing my cozy sweater as I write this along with socks and a second HOT cup of coffee.

    I don't mind the coolness but I do mind the gloomyness...we're all walking a bit mopyish around here. They are forcasting mid to upper 80's for us this week though...but until then...I'm off to make a pot of soup!

  5. Summer IS coming. I was told by so many people here (just south of you...) that summer arrives on July 5th. July 4th was chilly & windy but the sun debuted yesterday & NOAA forecasts it for the rest of the week with increasing temperatures. It's HERE! Enjoy!

  6. the last photo is darling! Cute blog! :)


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