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Saturday, July 3, 2010


J. V. and I are linking up with The Old Grey Mare for Project Genesis.  An idea genius in its simplicity to educate and enlighten.  Here's my contribution:

There's a salon in Virgil, one town over from Niagara on the Lake, called Textures. Owner, Jaime Chevalier,  is making an effort to reduce her carbon footprint.  She has signed on with Green Circle, a Toronto company that helps salons like hers recycle some of their waste, including hair.  Chevalier and her staff sweep up a lot of hair from the floor of her salon, and are accustomed to putting it in plastic bags to be picked up curbside weekly, but starting this month, Chevalier will be using Green Circle to send the hair to the Gulf of Mexico to be made into booms to help soak up the oil that reaches the coast there. (Hair can also be used in agricultural fertilizer.)

Green Circle, aside from recycling hair, collect plastic tubes and foils that are the mainstay of every salon.  Regional curbside service won't take items from hair salons unless they've been cleaned, and that's not practical, economical or good for the environment.  Putting those chemicals down the drain is not a good idea.  Green Circle ensures that the metal and plastic in the tube is cleaned and recycled, and the foil which Chevalier says "could replace an airline fleet" is recycled too.

Of course, there is a cost, so Chevalier invites clients to contribute $1.00.  "I don't expect anyone to have a problem with that.  They can refuse to pay it, but I don't anticipate that happening".

I haven't found "my salon" in town yet...I think Textures might just be the one, and I will happily pay my extra dollar.


  1. Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much for linking to Project Genesis. I never would have thought about the foils and plastics accumulating in salons, though I have often wondered about all that hair.

    I will be asking my salon about this the very next visit, as WE ALL should. A very different take on waste management but no less important than all other recyclables. Hope to see you with another "gem" on August 1st!


  2. Thank you Susan for raising the bar. See you August 1...if not before!

  3. I never thought about all that hair needing to go somewhere? and never knew about it being good for the soil. Guess I'll be adding it to my compost now.


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