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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cry for Help!

Okay fellow bloggers...
I have a girlfriend who is, almost literally,
tearing her hair out trying to find a paint colour.


After looking at the thousands... 
okay I'm exaggerating...
but LOTS of paint chips that she has,
I'm about to join her in the hair-tearing.

Does anyone out there have a paint colour that can be trusted!

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  1. I have the perfect one.

    Farrow and Ball's Elephant's breath #229. Warn her that color matching with other paint company is not a good idea as it never looks the same. F & B is special. It looks different. (I don't work for them either)

    For a lighter white Benjamin Moore OC 23 Clssic Grey OC 20 Pale Oak OC 28 Collingwood. All are taupy grey.

  2. Thanks Chiana...I'll pass along the info and keep you posted!

  3. Been there done that...choosing paint can send one into the asylum!

    Now Farrow and Ball paints were my first thought also because they have a grayish chalky quality to them. We ended up using Benjamin Moores HC-27 Monterey White seems white until you hold it next to something that's *really* white, then the gray/taupeyness pops out. Palace White and Indian White might be good choices too...both BM. I'll keep my thinking hat on and look through my chips.

    Tell her to hang in there...


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