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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

J. and I were recently talking about the ego, and she asked me if would do a post on it. This actually made me feel pretty good, thinking that she must think I know a thing or two about it. So with that said, my own ego now given a boost, I wasn't sure if I should continue!

But what the heck, I said I would give it a try, so first I must' leggo my ego', and not worry about the many out there, who after reading this, might think I'm talking a lot of you know what! After all, haven't all the great masters and teachers already said enough about it!

But J. and I were talking about the 'old ways' of doing things, and how our old ways of doing things are all falling away, and how they are not working for any of us any more. We all have been driven by our ego at one time or another, that is a given, but contrary to what most of us think having an ego is proper for of all us. But we must learn to join our ego with love for it then it becomes our friend, if it is left in its aloneness it becomes our enemy. It is loud, and it shouts, "If you will do that, I will do this, and I then I will win and you will lose." Yet the ego paired with love is healthy and it serves not only the self but others, but even more than that it serves the soul as well.
When we meet up against people whose ego seeks to serve themselves more than others we are pulled into their drama of self-serving intellectual arrogance, They can never do anything for anyone without first attaching strings or wanting some ulterior motive, or wanting more for themselves than anyone else.
How do we proceed against the ego...
Have Courage. Keep going, courage overcomes fear and allows us to see with new eyes.
Be real, get up, show up and be present to who you are, warts and all. This allows us to connect our soul with others. Grow in yourself the desire to serve others. Be committed to the truth, the soul loves the truth and then enlarge your capacity to Love.
...and when you have done all that follow these words.....

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game".
- Michael Jordan


  1. You are brilliant. I knew, when I asked you to write this, you would inspire me. You always do.
    I love you V.

  2. Thanks J. I'd like to think I was brilliant, but alas, it's not so.
    It's just everything I've been taught or read somewhere, perhaps there is a little of me mixed in with the others thoughts but it's so small it can't be called brilliant. But what's better than being brilliant though, is being inspiring....that I big thanks for that Sis
    I love you too.

  3. So what do we do V. when we clash with another's ego?

  4. Interesting post, and love the Michael Jordan quote :-)

    People with big egos make me cringe. Don't know if you watched Design School, but Gianna and her massively inflated ego ticked me off right from the first episode.

    Little egos, I don't mind so much :-)

    Jacqueline, Susan sells the sailboat that you saw in my last post at her store, Moving Designz. You might be able to have her ship one to you :-)


  5. Well said Jacqueline!!! When you touched upon being pulled in the the egotists drama of "self serving intellectual arrogance", I have known people like this and the damage they cause to others is nailed the characteristics perfectly!

    May the good kind of ego always be with us (kind of like the "force")! ;)
    xo J~

  6. Thanks for the source on the sailboat Kelly, I'll check it out.

    Not me being brilliant Jessica, but my clever sister.

    Big egos are ugly things.

  7. Forgive me V.! Well done and all the rest I said in the previous post to you! Thanks for straightening me out Jackie!
    xo J~


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