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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Little House

Painting done!
(I think?)

The Entrance

The Living room

The dining room

The Kitchen

The Bathroom


  1. It's beautiful V. Can't wait to see it in the flesh!
    And...there can't be anything left to paint, surely!

  2. Yes, it is a very nice decor - shame I will never see it, except in photos. You will have a blessed life there, I am sure.

  3. Very nice :-) All your rooms look great, but I think the dining room is my favourite. The chandelier is really pretty :-) I'm debating doing a similar treatment on our DR walls, with wainscoting going about 3/4 of the way up and a fun wallpaper around the tops of the walls.

    Love the grey on your bathroom wall, and the detailing on the shower curtain.

    Enjoy your "new" home :-)


  4. Thanks everyone...I know it's humble and not designer photo worthy...but it's my casa and I love 'Little House'...J. the kettle's is always on and the door is always open!
    Kelly...the dining is my favourite too...the natural light and the view of the garden make it special, (the walls were like that when I moved in, kind of had to work with what I got)...I do like the idea of wallpapering the top...a nice winter project.
    (Not sure if I have enough room between the top of the wainscoting and the ceiling though).
    Tom...if you are ever this side of the water! look me up...I'm the smallest house on the rock!!!

  5. Your little house is so pretty V., absolutely wonderful! There is so much character and style everywhere...very "designer photo worthy" if you ask me! I couldn't pick a favorite though...each space had something special.

    As for wallpapering above the could run it right onto the ceiling too, would be kind of fun.
    Have a lovely weekend in your lovely little house!
    xo J~

  6. Meant to add, your dining room chairs look absolutely brilliant!

  7. This is wonderful too Victoria..I think it is so interesting to see how you have both approached decorating your places. Your personalities come thru and they are just beautiful. Both so inviting...I have a feeling I could spend a long time in each just taking it all in. I would love to see the painting up close too...I have a thing for painting and analyzing bookshelves. They say so much about a person :)

    Jeanne :)

  8. I love your house. So elegant and so cosy. You just want to visit! Carla


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