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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to Remember

Our funny little town had a memorial service this morning
at 8.45 a.m.
We are situated about 15 minutes from the US border
and get lots of visitors from America.
There weren't a ton of people there,
but they played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes,
and the US and Canadian national anthems.
Too may politicians spoke about all they were doing to fight terrorism,
but we observed two minutes of silence and one of our local pastors ended the quirky ceremony with a prayer for peace...I can get with that.

Like you I'm sure, I know exactly where I was at 8.45 a.m. September 11, 2001.
Rudy and I had just returned from an early-morning run.
We were walking through the exercise room in our then-building.
All the TV sets were on, but without volume.
As I walked through the room, I thought it so odd that each TV was tuned to the same disaster movie.
Reality only set in when I noticed that everyone on the exercise equipment was stockstill.
2,996 lives


  1. Oh Jacqueline - Such a poignant day! We keep the 2 minute silence here as well. Last year I was in Welshpool doing an ordinary food shop in the local supermarket. At 11 am on 9/11 the tills stopped. The check out assistants sat silently and we just stood with our shopping trolleys at a standstill in the aisles. You could have heard a pin drop. It was hard to stop a great lump in my throat. I'm so glad you had that little memorial service!

  2. I agree's good to if we could only learn!

  3. Hi Jaqueline,We have services over here as well as not only did we loose some Aussies our countries ahve always been linked in war etc and we feel what you feel,being Bobs birthday is an extra reminder.Thankyou for your comments on my blog,you will be in my prayers also,peace and calm is a beautiful thing and thats all we want,I went back to read a couple of older posts(will read some more later) the lady who mended your earing is so special she must have seen your invisible"hug me please"sign.Your story of loosing your friend is also parallel to mine,Eva died of Progressive Super Neorone desease one of the nasty motor ones and her daughter recently took her ashes home to the UK to be with her Mum and Dad,your story jus made me aware that there are so many of us with the same sad story.Your post is lovely,thank you for sharing,I see the lovely kind Molly visits you also.Have a lovely weekend and take some time for you.Carole XX

  4. Thanks Carole...nice to have you here. Aussies, Canadians go hand-in-hand don't we?
    We do all have our stories, don't we.

    ..and don't worry about me, my sister V, is taking good care of me

  5. So glad you posted this...the shock will always be there...xo


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