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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I would really love to have chickens in my backyard.
I don't know the first thing about keeping them,
but the idea of raising beautiful little chicks

into elegant adult fowl

is appealing to me right now mostly because of 

all the beautiful, fresh eggs we could have.

This is just a dream right now, because I'm sure, somewhere deep in our condo documents
there sits a clause banning the very notion of this!

Ah well...maybe at the next house!


  1. A lovely notion, but you are right. NO condo board would ever go for it.

  2. Chickens are great, but they do tie you down. I also once lost my whole run-full to a fox, and have had them savaged by dogs (the problem of free-range). Still, I intend to have some again soon... black ones. There's something so beautiful about black hens.

  3. nice are the eggs,fresh everyday.

  4. I fixed the lemon juice faux pas Jackie...and added some finishing touches also. It's amazing how one can spend so much time editing and still miss something! Thanks for the tip and the good eye! I hope this means that you were going to try the soup. :)

    We've always wanted chickens too, still might try down the road, the eggs are so good. Our friends had three but the racoons got them...I'd be a nervous wreck all the time I think, wondering if they were safe. Still, it would be a fun challenge.

    Please do let me know if you make the soup (and if you discover any more "oopses"). ;)
    xo J~

  5. I suppose I could have just told you here what to do so you didn't have to read the recipe for a *third* time...the juice goes in right before or after blending...then the tarragon, then salt & pepper (and cayenne if so desired). Also, I add salt and pepper to the veggies as they are sauteing. There...I think I've covered it all now. :]

  6. Thanks Jessica, and yes, I will definitely try. I love cannellini beans and soup this time of year is perfect. I'm always looking for new recipes.

    Yeah, I really didn't think about the poor chickens being victims. We have raccoons, like your friends and dogs and fox like Cro, heck we even have aggressive skunk...looks like the poor chickens wouldn't stand a chance...even if we were allowed to have them.

  7. Chickens are very nice but they don't go very well with either neighbours or garden! We kept chickens and ducks here when we first moved in. No matter how much we tried to fence them in they were like Houdini and much preferred scratching in next door's barn. Just had to sell them in the end. We buy our lovely free range eggs from the farm just up the road - a lot less hassle!

  8. I think that's going to be our solution too Molly. A big bruhaha going on in a nearby neighbourhood over whether or not to create a bylaw banning backyard chickens and rabbits. This idea may well have to stay a dream.


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