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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Healing power of water


Like breath, it is vital to us
It nourishes
It cleanses
It restores
It heals

Sacred ceremonies

When I am stressed whether it is my body
or my mind that needs relaxation
I always end my day with a long warm bath.
And even though my bathroom isn't nestled in the beauty
of the outdoors like the photo above, I still take time to
make my tiny room a sacred space.
Candles can transform any room into
a place of welcome.
A bath infused with lavender's sweet, gentle scent
calms the overstimulated mind and
prepares the body for sleep.

To prepare the infusion combine a half cup of fresh lavender
blossoms with four cups of boiling water in a French press.
Let steep for twenty minutes.
Fill your bathtub, then pour the infusion into the bath,
and soak in to the comfort of lavender.

In very simple yet powerful ways
water can heal our bodies and our souls.



  1. I was wondering what to do with the last of my lavender blossoms. I'll will brew the infusion for tonight's bath. Thanks sis.

  2. Hello! I am so glad you 'found' me ... and that I have found you. This is quite the lovely post. I am traveling through October and will find you when I return.

  3. You are so right! Water does wonders and I love that lavender idea!

  4. Yes J. you and I have such a love for lavender.
    Have a wonderful time wherever your travelling to Helen, see you in Nov.
    Thanks E. Charlotte, do they grow lavender on those beautiful Montana mountains?


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