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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ryder Cup

We've been trying to watch the

being played this year at

Celtic Manor Golf Course, Newport, Wales

The countryside is stunning,

but it's been a bit wet and windy

which was a bit tough on the players.

They had to keep waiting for theses guys to squeegee the greens

So they finally gave up and had a 7-hour rain delay.

The weather forecast for the rest of the weekend is good,
so, with the time change and all, it's going to mean some very early mornings for
Brilliant Husband and I.

Lord, love-a-duck, what were the organizers thinking...

Wales in October!

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  1. Ha ha! I hope it clears up and you can enjoy it! :D

  2. You mean the big organiser in the sky, I think. I blame Molly Golver.

  3. I listened to an interview held six years ago when Wales was selected as a location for the Ryder Cup. I forget the participants were, but it went something like this.
    "So...Wales? and what do you think the weather will be October 2010?"
    "Hmmmm...pretty sure it will be wet and windy".

    No Tom...organisers on terra that let's Molly off the hook..we know she is a celestial being.

  4. I now know what Mr.24 will be doing tomorrow! ;)

  5. Oh My Goodnes...up at 5.00 and glued to the cosy chair (with blanket and coffee) until 1.00...I think my eyes have become square. Thank goodness it was a grey, cold and rainy day here.
    Europe came our roaring in the last round today...let's hope they can keep the momentum for the final round tomorrow!
    Molly...your country is beautiful!


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