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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What is it with the 80s?

Okay...this I get...

but please...

shoulder pads?

big hair?

MC Hammer? is good...NOW!


  1. I miss the big hair as mine is thin and thinner but I see your point. hugs♥O

  2. Shoulder pads on jackets over high waisted pants with tapered legs......what were we thinking.????

  3. Oh still my heart... sigh



  4. Her Indoors is rather hoping for a come-back for shoulder pads. She has about £10,000 worth of Armani sitting in the cupboard waiting for it, and has never lost the big hair.

  5. Right Raz...what were we thinking? All that big hair was just hairspray Olive...didn't you notice how none of it ever moved?
    Tom...if I had that much Armani in my closet, I'd being wearing it, shoulder pads or no shoulder pads
    Yes too...dancin' in the dark.


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