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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend

Thanks to some generous, loving people,
I have just experienced the most amazing Thanksgiving weekend.

It all began with a magically elegant
50th wedding anniversary party set at 
The Boulevard Club

on the edge of Lake Ontario.

Congratulations Sam and Heidi.
Thank you Christian, Jean-Paul, Jonathan and Alexandra for graciously including us as you feted your parents.

Then a wonderful, lazy Sunday at home
just me, Brilliant Husband...




a glowing fire...

Up bright and early Monday for a full-on Thanksgiving feast with the family!

Thank you George and Paula!

The day finished with an hilarious evening with V., her sisters-in-law, daughter,
nieces, some delicious champagne and gooey, smelly cheeses.

Thank you John and Adri for our perfect room at Hotel Martini
Ida, Alexandra,
Sarah and Katie-squared for the terrific old jokes and the gallons of laughter.

This morning, Victoria and I and Adri and Kate drank coffee around the dining room table before gathering ourselves for a brisk walk in the early fall sunshine.

Then it was back to the house for big mugs of hot tea, more of Adri's exquisite baking before whisking sister and niece off to the airport and back to British Columbia.

So very much to be thankful for.


  1. Now that's a good sounding weekend! Loved the picture and quote at the end of your post too. :)

  2. So happy for you dear, truly happy for you. I could feel the joy.


  3. Now that's the sort of weekend I'd like have as my Groundhog Day!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Sounds like absolute perfection!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    xo J~

  5. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. So glad you and V could spend it together.

  6. That is a wonderful weekend and you have much to be thankful for. So glad you saw V. to echo Raz.

  7. What a special weekend. Love the picture of Lake Ontario. so much to be thankful for J!

  8. It was a timely reminder of the here and now for me. Life has been contentious and difficult, but to have this amazing time with these wonderful people reminded me of how incredibly lucky and blessed I am.
    I am sure there are millions of people who would take my 'problems' in exchange for theirs in a heartbeat.
    And, on top of all that, I have you wonderful bloggy-friend too!

  9. How lovely...truly sounds (and looks) ideal!

  10. You are talking my kind of weekend, Jacqueline, it sounds wonderful!!

    Jeanne xx

  11. Lovely!! Can't get much better than good times with good friends and family :-)



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