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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Giving Tree

Before we leave children's books, I thought I would add my favourite.

My girls loved this story, a parable on the joy of giving, of unconditional love.

The little boy comes to the tree who gladly, happily, lovingly,
simply gives...

her shade, her fruit...

her leaves...

her bark...

and finally, even  her trunk...
and the boy, the youth, the old man just keeps coming back and taking, never satisfied, never content.  It's an interesting contrast in perspectives.

This book has been the 'gift of choice' from me and my girls many times when babies are born, or christened, or for first birthdays.
It's a sweet tale.

Shel Silverstein (1932 - 1999)

Yes...the same Shel Silverstein who wrote lyrics for A Boy Named Sue" (sung by Johnny Cash, 1969), "One's On The Way", "The Unicorn" (sung by the Irish Rovers), "Boa Constrictor", "So Good To So Bad", "Sylvia's Mother" (sung by Dr. Hook, 1972), "The Great Conch Train Robbery", and "Yes, Mr. Rogers". 


  1. I too love this book Jacqueline! Loved it when I was young, and love reading it to my boys now. It is a wonderful classic to give and receive.

  2. It was a classic in this house also. Along with about 300 others!

    house full of bibliophiles!



  3. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to see you here Trish...and yes, this book is precious.
    Suzan...Do you think readers are made or born?

  4. I will now go out and get my hands on this book. Looks sad. Readers are born I think.

  5. Depends on your perspective Raine...I find it tender.

  6. I found this site by googling "The Giving Tree" I scrolled with the mouse and beautiful sparkly things followed my mouse as I moved it... it caused me to smile... so I moved again and again. I joined your site tonight because this was the first time I have smiled in such a long time. Thank you.


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