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Friday, December 17, 2010


Tonight hubby asked me if I wanted to 
go to the hockey game.
I said I couldn't.
One of my favourite Christmas movies is on

Home Alone I

I know it's on the tv all the time,
but I can only watch it at Christmas.

Here's another of my favourites at
this wonderful season of 
Peace on Earth

What can I say, I am an action movie junkie.
Shame that Jason Statham's Transporter series isn't set during Christmas.

However, in the interests of being a 
well-rounded human being,
I do like these two too

White Christmas
 It's a Wonderful Life 
(this is my favourite scene)

So...what are your must-sees for Christmas?


  1. I'm not much of a movie viewer. A lot have way too much "action"; a lot are just plain sappy. The Sound of Music I could re-watch. Perhaps Dickens' Christmas Carol. Documentaries or bits of history/historical fiction are good, but I can't think of any Christmas ones.

  2. Every single one with a sappy, joyous ending and/or melancholy shots of lonely streets with gently falling snow...

    They all make me misty or weepy and they all purge the trials of the previous year and help boot me off into the next one...

    merry merry


  3. life is beautiful is fabulous too!
    every one of the movies above are also favorites of mine for this season!
    merry Christmas!

  4. We just watched The Santa Clause. We love it because it was filmed in Oakville, and we get to see my friends restaurant and a little girl my daughter used to dance with who had a part. Whe nmy kids were young we used to go Christmas light looking and drive by where it was filmed.

    Home Alone was also one of our favourites.!

  5. humm
    never liked Its A wonderful life.....

    I would pick die hard,,,,,and perhaps THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE.......

    shelley winters up that Christmas Tree!!!!!!

  6. Most definitely Elf, A Christmas Story, all the little puppety ones from the 60's - Rudolph etc., Home Alone 1 is great too...and all the old ones, Meet Me In St. Louis, the ones you mentioned...Little Women too...oh oh, I'm starting to think of so get the idea!
    xo J~


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