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Friday, December 31, 2010

Four New Year Wishes

Lavende Mente Romarin Thym

I received these four beautiful spoons as
Christmas present this year from my lovely
daughter-in-law, Trisha.
Each one has the name of a herb engraved on them in
French, to be used in the garden as markers.
I just adore them.

And today I looked at them and I thought about what
each one of them could represent in my life, and
then I made a list of four wishes that I wish for us all.


Lavender is for ecstasy. When you breathe in
the fragrance of lavender it reconnects us with Universe understanding, it can be used to help still the mind during meditation.
Wearing lavender brings love to you, it is a symbol of truth and parity.
Lavender is pure joy.

Mint is for success, enthusiasm, money and healing.
it is used to cure most things that trouble us, it relaxes the nerves and stimulates the brain.

Rosemary is for remembrance, it can be planted in the garden or in a pot to remember loved ones, use it for mental agility, purification and loyalty. A small sprig placed under your pillow at night will aid sleep and healing.


Thyme can be used to help focus us in our spiritual goals. or group interaction, it builds confidence, and is used for empowerment Thyme is also relaxing and calming. Use it when you need to connect with past life knowledge.
Thyme is an ancient symbol of energy and magic.
Wear a sprig of thyme to renew your spirit.

I wish you all a new year filled
with love and beauty



  1. nice blog,
    thk for sharing,
    happy 2011,
    wish all the best to u n family.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and wishes for the year ahead. Wishing you all these things and more. Blessings, Tammy

  3. Happy New Year Sis...could use a healing herb today! This cold has knocked me for six!

  4. Just the old stuff working it's way out J.....let it flow!
    Feel better soon.
    Try the hot almond milk with honey and turmeric.
    Thank you Tammy, all the best for 2011.

  5. Herbal healing is desperately needed here too...been knocked down since Christmas myself. The thoughts & feelings these herbs are bringing right now are of warmth & feels wonderful!
    I'll have to try the almond milk cure...

    Beautiful gift!
    xo J~

  6. Exactly how I feel V. While (physically) this is not a lot of fun, I do feel like both Rudy and I are letting all the old stuff go!
    I feel like we are caught in a little time-bubble that is telling us that this New Year cannot begin until we have let all the old yucky-stuff go...and we are!
    Feeling much better today. On the bed instead of in it and showered and semi-dressed. comes Rudy with the tea...

  7. sweet!
    J., now send him over to my house! I feel something a coming on!
    Headache, sneezing and stuffy/runny nose (how does that happen at the same time, I'd like to know)
    Oh, well I read today that the beginning of this year 2011 is starting out gently for me...think of... 'a sound as quiet as snowflakes falling on virgin snow, a little kitten playing with yarn, or a small child fast asleep on a plush goose down pillow wearing "feet pajamas" under a comfy little blanket. Everything about early January will whisper softly and seem cozy quiet.' I'm definitely liking the sound of all of that!

  8. Victoria, lovely spoons and the meaning of the herbs is all the more special.

  9. I love that the spoons have such meaning for you! I should plant a pot of rosemary this summer to remember loved ones (though my gardening track record proves it might not be alive come fall)! xo's


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