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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a Weekend...
Floods, Fish, Tears and Laughter!

And the Rain came!

and kept coming....
and the water level started to rise

in the basement of
303 Little House

nothing to do
get the wellies....

and the bucket and mop

and start the clean up!

Just when it feels like the water is subsiding
the phone rings
and it's news that my grandson's fish had died!
More water...
tears and fish tanks!

So there's nothing left to do
but go
out in the rain
with the dogs
and the kids

It's been a very, very
wet weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh V. what a weekend. Very wet and rainy here yesterday, but this morning we woke up to snow! Sorry about the basement, and the fish!

  2. Your cute post made me smile! Hope that the basement it drying out for you...sheesh, what luck! Boys like their new fish you brought for them! Thanks a bunch! ♥

  3. Oh Gosh Victoria - 303 Little Floating House. Hope you didn't have too much damage done. That's a smashing picture of you in the rain!

  4. Latest report J....basement is drying out! Rain has stopped! No damage just a sore back from all the bailing!
    Positive side of things...basement is squeaky clean!
    Plumbers and restoration services on the!
    How lovely to see your beautiful face here Trish...hopefully the new fish wont go belly up any time soon! Tricky things those fish!
    Darling I wish that last photo was of me...I chose that beautiful girl because she looked like how I felt...if I had posted the real photo of me I'd look more like something the cat dragged in...strange how we can feel one way and look another!
    I hear you John...great idea I'd bet I'd look so' camp' in a pair of those fishermen's waders!

  5. Glad you survived the flood sis!
    Hope Nemo II survives too!

  6. Oh dear! If I had known you were going through this, I would have offered to send some snow in exchange for your rain. Glad you were prepared with wellies, mop and pail. Do hope you've had no permanent damage.

  7. Thanks Rob-bear, but would you mind if I asked for some sun shine instead of some snow?


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