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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Is anyone else totally
rubbish at wrapping gifts?

It doesn't matter how hard I try,
I am utterly and totally useless at it.

Give me a meal and I can
plate it and make it look fabulous.

I make the prettiest bed ever. Cushions, pillows, not a wrinkle in sight.

I can even arrange a vase of flowers that is heads above the crowd,

but paper, box, ribbon and tape and arggggggggh!

One more sleep and it's Christmas Eve.


  1. Yeah - me. Wrapping is Her Indoor's speciality. Your photo looks well wrapped to me.

  2. Wrapping that is TOO fancy annoys me. I much prefer 'amusing' wrapping (as above). A trombone wrapped to look like a trombone is much more fun than one in a box!

    Snowed in again here... Bisou, Cro.

  3. Thanks chaps...I know if ever I send you presents, my style of wrapping will be well received.
    Stay warm and dry Cro! Happy Christmas both of you!

  4. Hope you survived the wrapping J., tricky things those papers and bows.

  5. Nice part about Rudy and Lindsay V. they don't care! So I save wrapping their presents to last and when I get to the part when I really lose the plot out comes the white tissue paper and it doesn't matter!

  6. I do better than OK with the wrapping part, I stress out over the gifts themselves! Trying to get something fun/ different /exciting is a challenge. For me it's hit or miss..but they usually look pretty...

    I guess we can't win everything : D

    Merry Christmas to you!



  7. Next year it's you and me Suzan! I'll buy the wrap it! Done! Happy Christmas!

  8. My boys and I have a contest every year to see who can do the most bizarre and outrageous wrapping job at Christmas. It usually involves found objects from around the house. Sure beats trying to make everything look like it came from Nordstrom!


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