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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loved what's in J' here's what's in mine!...V.

Smashbox Photo Op.

While my daughter Katie helps to keep my inside in great health, my daughter-in-law Trisha
helps to keep my skin and hair in the very best of health too.
This Christmas she gave me this product from Smashbox, which I LOVE.
It really does all it claims. Brightens, moisturizes, Illuminates and conceals the under the eye area.
It contains Vitamin E, red wine extract, peptides and marine collagen.
I know peptides are amino-acids, but I'm praying the marine collagen is plant based not animal.
Best application is a few dabs under the eye with the brush wand it comes with, then dab into the
skin as you would any other eye cream.
Will I purchase this item again...absolutely...Yes.

Yes to Carrots
Body Moisturizing Lotion

I also received from Trisha, how lucky am I, this wonderful body lotion.
Yes to Carrots.
This smooth moisturizing lotion uses antioxidant-rich foods, including carrot,
pumpkin, sweet potato, and melon to keep the skin soft and smooth.
This entire line is paraben and phtalate free, and the only animal
by product used is organic honey.
The antioxidants in the carrots keep skin healthy and pure, while beta
carotene counteracts age spots, protects skin from over-exposure to the sun,
and smooths problem areas.
LOVE it!

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Creme

This has to be my very favourite face creme.
I have used many, many products over the years and this is the
one that my skin loves.
Anything with the words 'Royal' and 'Jelly' in it...has to be good for me!
A little goes a long away.
I love all of the Burt's Bee products.

Mac's Pro Long Wear Lipstick

Unlike J., I love prolong wear lipstick, and as long as I apply the
gloss my lips don't dry out.
My favourite everyday colour is 'For Keeps'.

Butter, London, Nail Polish

I LOVE nail polish
Colour for my toes and a pale shade for my hands.
My favourite shade for my hands right now is
Cream Tea, from Butter, London
All of their products are...

So here's just a few of mine, I don't wear foundation (probably should),
so I will try a few of J's, recommendations.


  1. Oooh, those are interesting. I haven;t seen some of those. Cream Tea nail polish is something I would love to try.....I have to like the name of a colour or I can;t use it.

  2. Cruelty free is a must!
    Will definitely give the smashbox photo op a go.
    Yes...we all need to share, all the time...
    It's a war out there girls!

  3. I'm like you Chania...a sucker for a great name!
    Yes J., we shall prevail...onward and upward...keep calm, carry on!

  4. You have tulips????
    We have snow.
    I'm so jealous.

  5. I'm with you on the nail polish thing Victoria. I've told MOTH if I go to God before him & my toe nails are not polished for the 'trip' I'll come back & haunt him very single day of his life!!
    Millie x

  6. Sorry for the tease J., those tulips were from last years photo...we do have them in the flower shops though.
    That's so funny Millie.
    Thinking about painted toes reminded me of another product for our winter feet and getting them ready for the flip flops...Genwol foot cream is the absolute best to heal dry cracked really works!

  7. Just noticed that my feet could use a little tlc...I'll pick up some of that cream today V...thanks. I am being religious about putting Body Shop Almond Oil on my toe nails post shower. It's really making a difference.

  8. Found you via 24 corners and so happy to be here. Love all these wonderful product suggestions - the smashbox is something to try for sure!!

  9. Welcome quintessence, lovely to see you here.

  10. Just got back from reading 'Wednesday Wine' at quintessence....such wonderful your blog.

  11. Bonjour Jacqueline. Thanks so much for your very thoughtful comment on my blog, it was really great advice. You might be surprised to find out that I cook from scratch every night with fresh produce and can't stand ready meals and microwaves...I just love (nearly) all food, that's it, that's my downfall ;-) Anyway, your blog is fab and - looking through it - I have to say that I there are a lot of things I so agree with. Just great! Love from London xo

  12. Great suggestions here Victoria and I am with you on Burt's Bees, I love all their products! You and Jacqueline have given me some great ideas here.
    One can never have enough lipstick in my mind. I am forever losing them and finding them. Reading glasses seem to be following the same pattern these days too. What is happening to me??? Don't say it!! :)

    Best wishes to the fab sisters !!

    Jeanne xxx

  13. Want to try Burts bees Day Radiance...looks interesting! Alive those plaid monogrammed bags...cute!

  14. Ipads are hard to write on in bed! That was supposed to say "I LOVE" your plaid bags! Sorry!

  15. Donna...we all understand typing in bed!

  16. Love all of these suggestions V...I want to run out right now and purchase them! I'm in need of a little beautifying at the moment.
    xo J~


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