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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Canada Eh!

Trish over at 'Apeonyprincess' just posted about two wonderful Canadian novels, which made me think about one of my favourite Canadian tv sitcoms...Corner Gas. I had just finished laughing my self silly while watching a current episode.
Here's the gang -

It's a classic...set in rural town in Dog River, Saskatchewan, it depicts the quirky lives of this small town in the middle of the Canadian Prairies.
So Lacy runs The Ruby Cafe, Brent runs the Corner Gas station, Wanda works for Brent, Davis and Karen are the Dog River Police Dept. Emma and Oscar are Brents parents, and Hank is Brent's best bud. Perhaps it is the Canadian version of 'Seinfield'... I don't know, I just know
I love it!

Tonight the gang had their first baseball game of the season, it made me think of my kids and their baseball team 'Scared Hitless'! See here

My favourite character is Wanda...she cracks me up!

I remember seeing Brent perform as a stand up comic before his tv debut. Loved him then, love him now. And the best part is that Wanda and Brent and married in real life.

So if you've never tuned in to this very funny Canadian show, pour yourself a cup of joe, grab yourself one of Brents favourite chili cheese dogs, curl up on the couch and enjoy an episode of Corner Gas.



  1. I don't watch it often but I do love Wanda!

  2. We don't get it in the states, but we sure could use a comedy. The last really good one was Seinfield and twelve years later I am still watching reruns. Even though I know many by heart, I still laugh.

    There is nothing better than a good laugh!

  3. my eye sight is getting worse... thought the guy holding the baseball mitt was kissing a hen!

  4. Yes, love it. Wish that they had stayed on for a few more years though I will happily take the reruns!


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