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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Forever

I've been thinking a lot about 'Family' these past few days, and feeling how much I love and treasure all the people in my life. We're not a large clan, but we're growing all the time! If not with babies, it's kitten's and puppies.

I love that I am getting older, and I've made a vow to myself to stay happy and healthy so I can see my great grandchildren and have them really know me.

After reading my daughter-in-law's blog on her post, see here about her weekend away at her Aunt and Grannies home. I felt how wonderful this would have been to experience a day like that. I never really had a chance to have a deep relationship with any of my Grandparents. Not really anyone's fault, some died when I was young, and my relocating to another country made staying in touch difficult.
But I think now, how lovely it would have been to have had a visit with them as a young woman, in the garden over a cup of tea.

I hope my grandsons will always come and visit me. So I think I'm going to start to try and become an expert (in their eyes that is) for at least
three things that they love...

Gardening -
I think it will be growing the best strawberries!

A desert -
I will bake them a pie that will keep them dreaming for the taste of it.
A strawberry one of course!

Books -
I will keep introducing them to some of the very best stories ever written!

I love my family


  1. Did it again Sis...posted simutaneously!
    How DO we do that!
    Love your embracing of your family...big,'s the size of the love that counts.
    Really want a slice of that pie!

  2. I think I might swap 'fine foods' in general, for the strawberries, but otherwise that's what grandparents are for! We don't see our grandchildren too often, as they're far away. But Skype serves us reasonably well.

    I never knew any of my grandparents either. Shame!

  3. Synchronicity J., synchronicity!

    I am really grateful that I have my grandchildren close, my time spent with them is so precious, must be hard having yours so far away Cro, but to have modern technology with the likes of Skype is brilliant.
    I can remember when I was away in Paris, I talked to my boys on
    IChat...but they didn't say a word they just sat there staring at themselves. LOL.

  4. I have wonderful memories of both sets of my grandparents ,they always seem to have more time to sit ,talk ,read and laugh with us kids-life was always an adventure ! enjoy the boys and create those happy childhood memories.

  5. Families are so precious. I think that your Grandsons would find it very difficult to stay away from you. V and miss you every moment they're apart. I seem to have accumulated half a poly tunnel full of strawberry plants. I started off with six little plants which I bought a couple of years ago and now they're on the rampage. Never mind - lots of lovely strawberries to look forward to!

  6. Can you ever have too many strawberries Molly?

  7. Don't forget to add your famous pancakes to the list! They love your morning, mile-high pancakes that follow every sleepover with you!

  8. All of these gifts to your grandson's will be special treasured memories for them, and the future generations to come...they will cherish and share them.
    xo J~

  9. Oh Thanks Trish...but I seem to be having stiff competition now from -'Johnny's Best Ever in the Whole World French Toast!'

  10. Yes Janet I will definitely enjoy those boys! They grow up so quickly.
    I'm going to go and have a visit with Molly now, to see if she can explain to me what a 'poly-tunnel' is! And yes J., there can never be too many strawberries...strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice-cream, I love strawberries....can you tell?
    Thanks Jessica...treasured memories, those are the memories we will be talking about over all those strawberries we're going to eat.....I'm going to have to do some gardening research in order to have this title of 'Strawberry Queen' that I'm giving to myself!


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