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Friday, March 25, 2011


First, a confession...I don't have a pet.

But I do have 

A Grandpuppy

Miss Daisy

and a Grandkitten


...they are great sisters.

This was one of our first pets when V. and I were growing up...

Jamie, a black poodle.

A really smart dog.

We also had an afghan hound, Kahli,
a not so smart dog, who kept running away.

Our dad was really sick at the time and forever trying to find the dog was a stress Mum didn't need.  So to try and discourage this aberrant behaviour, the vet recommended getting a companion for the afghan.  Being responsible pet-owners, Mum and Dad bought Jamie.

He was so smart, 
he would pull down the rope that restrained the afghan;
Kahli would chew through it; 
and the two of them would run off! 


This is my submission, this week for

and just for a laugh, if you get the chance, watch the 
old BBC series Auf Wiedersehen Pet

absolutely nothing to do with animals...well sort of!


  1. What a beautiful grandpuppy Miss Daisy is! She is rather regal looking. Miss Hankypants could be my twin sister cat's (Thelma and Louise)cousin. Oh, how they love to shed. I take their hair with me everywhere I go.

  2. I do love to see a dog and cat together. My Hannah would groom Gracie for ages and they always slept together. I have heard that Afghans are not very intelligent. I once met a breeder who told me they are wuite clueless even when it comes to breeding!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Speaks volumes doesn't it Chania, when a dog is clueless about breeding! Kahli was beautiful, but stupid.

  4. Lovely post! and Wonderful pets!
    Funny, I can barely remember a time when I was dog-less!

  5. Our first pets usually hold a dear place in our hearts...but I'm wondering in your case! Your grandpets are so cute!


  6. Awwwe....Love the picture of Miss Daisy and Hankypants together. I read once that Afghan's were at the bottom of the smart scale...the very bottom, but poodles were at the top, you had both ends of the brain spectrum with those two.
    Cute post!
    xo J~

  7. Hey Sis what about darling Meg?

  8. I'm not sure I trust anyone who doesn't have a pet :)
    We have four dogs (had five but one died of old age last week).
    My first dog's name was Boss. A small white mutt. We all loved that dog.

  9. I'm in exactly the same position due to our 5 sons being VERY slow to commit to anything to do with turning their Mother into a Grandmother! So I have to be content with the gorgeous Tazzie the rambunctious Border Collie, quiet & reserved Arlo the German Shepherd & the very personable Missy the naughty Burman!
    Millie x

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