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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

On the eve of the Royal Nuptials

I've been thinking.... 1973, just after I had emigrated to Canada
Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips

and up I got and watched the ceremony in the wee small hours with Rudy's Oma.

Fast forward 8 years to July 29, 1981
and I dutifully dragged myself out of bed, at 3.30 in the morning
to watch Charles and Diana tie the knot.

Now, given the sucess of these marriages perhaps, tomorrow morning, I should 
turn off the alarm and pull the blankets over my head
...maybe that way this young couple just may have 
half a chance of making it to their 10th wedding anniversary still together!
But I am baking scones, chilling champagne
and there I will be, in front of the telly, teary-eyed, singing
Rule Britannia at the top of my lungs at 5 am all by my lonesome,
while hubby snores softly upstairs!

God Bless'em I say and Good Luck!


  1. I'm with you J. My scones are made. I'm off to bed and hubby's going to have to bear with it or move to the spare room tonight as I am curling up and watching in bed. I even took out my royal plate.

  2. They'll need it.

  3. I will be up also. Don't necessarily believe in happy-ever-after, but I always hope for the best. We women are natural romantics.

  4. Philips was named 'Fog' by Prince Philip, because he was 'wet and thick'. What he called D Spencer I couldn't possibly write here. But Kate M is quite different; intelligent, attractive, and protocol savvy, she'll do well.

  5. Hope you have a totally grand time at the wedding.

    I'll be sound asleep. That's too early in the morning for an old Bear.

  6. Wish I was there with you J...I'm sure your scones are fabulous, especially with champagne! I wonder if coffee and the bubbly would go well together...and I mean together, in the same glass!
    Wishing William and Kate every happiness...I believe these two have a chance! Enjoy...
    xo J~

  7. Hello:
    Oh dear, we are totally out of step with all of this as, to be honest, we have more interest in a wet fish than this wedding.

    That said, we really do hope that you have an enjoyable time watching and we, of course, wish you and them well.


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