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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canadian/English Spring Day

I couldn't get out of the door fast enough this morning.
It has finally stopped raining and with the
fog and soft air, it just smelled like an English spring day.

So, camera in hand, off I went:

Fort Niagara, across the Niagara River was barely visible.

This homeowner has obviously been reading this year's garden fashion magazines
'black' and white flowers are the latest thing! 

All this rain has sent the tulip magnolia petals to the ground
making pink carpets of the sidewalks.

Not quite all the trees uprooted by the storm two weeks ago have been cleared away just yet.

Don't you just love how life hangs on regardless!

Someone's pretty blue and green garden...

and clumps of wildflowers

and petit tulips growing by the side of the road.

Then there were these two beauties, just itching to get into the water, I'll bet!

jet-boat rain slickers,

 and boats waiting for the bus-loads of tourists to arrive,

and Charlotte's web highlighted by the morning dew.

Construction is almost complete on the site where three building burned down a year ago last October...the day V. arrived in town!

You would never know they hadn't been here all along.

So that was my morning about you?


  1. We woke to fog as well....cold clinging chilling fog....we had a moment of we are back to feeling like rain is coming any moment. Now why didn't it occur to ME to go out with the camera this morning. Oh wait..cold clinging chilling...that's why.

  2. Brilliant pictures J. Those trees didn't half take a battering. It's amazing, like you say, how life manages to hang on against all the odds. Hope you have lots of lovely sunshine soon!

  3. Lovely photos, Jacqueline - that's a beautiful place you live in.

  4. Jacqueline,....wasn;t it wonderful to finally have an end to that rain...I am so fed up with it. I took loads to the Salvation Army today...the result of my daughter moving into a rabbit hole of an apartment. We are heading up to Lion's Head to do an open house, so praying the weather holds.

    Have a great weekend J.

  5. Lovely blog as usual thanks for showing us around your "town".

  6. mbj - luckily the fog here was soft and not cold.
    There were at least 30 old, huge trees uprooted in the storm. Fortunately they all managed to fall AWAY from the buildings! Only one car was squished.
    Mise...I am grateful every day for this pretty little town.
    I was beginning to grow webbing between my toes Chania. Sound like you have at least been productive during the rain. I just baked cookies! Forecast is a little dodgy for the weeken, so good luck with the Open House.
    A pleasure showing you around ABL...anytime!

  7. Beautiful pictures--I love the feel in the air and the smells after it rains. That's how it was here this morning and to me there's something so calming and serene in it that starts your day off so nicely!

  8. to hanging out with your lovely dogs, I couldn't imagine anything better!

  9. I love that house with the white weather-boarding topped with white trellis. That makes a really beautifully textured surface; perfect for those black (?) and white flowers. Everything looks so manicured. Lucky you!

  10. Love love LOVE the photo of Fort Niagara in the fog -- Wow!!

    And the rain slickers.
    And the uprooted tree.

    Inspiring observations here.

  11. Beautiful photos J. I love where you live!
    And...just to put the record straight for everyone -
    I had NOTHING to do with the buildings being burned down!!!!! He He!


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