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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Chia!

Ok ... I've written about



So what's next?

Get ready


Ch Ch Ch Chia!

Now I don't want you all to rush out and buy a Chia Pet!
I want you to buy Chia Seeds.

My daughter dropped by today and brought me a jar of
Chia seeds soaked in almond milk, coconut milk and honey.

It was delicious!

You soak the Chia seeds in the milks and honey with a little water, once the seeds
have absorb some of the liquid they become gel, rather like tapioca.
They make an excellent source of fibre,
are high in Omega 3's and are the highest vegetable source of
Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids and oils are useful for
absorbing fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.
They are also helpful in absorbing calcium.
They are fairly tasteless so you can use them in salad dressings,
smoothies, breakfast oats and puddings.


and don't worry I promise you,
you will not end up looking like this!

With love from Victoria


  1. I've never heard of those but will have to give it a try as I'm a) too curious not to and b) a sucker for anything that promises to be a super-food with lots of health benefits. Thanks for the tip :-) Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London xo

  2. If it's anything like tapioca, I'll have to say no. Even the thought of it's texture makes me..... Sorry, I had to pop out for a minute!

  3. I'll keep the idea in mind in case I am ever starving some day. lol

  4. I'm with you Cro...too many school lunches with tapioca...yuck. But blended in a smoothie...where you wouldn't feel the that I can do! Thanks V...good advice!

  5. Quinoa yes, Chai, probably not. Thanks for the information, but it looks gastly.

    I still have nightmares of my mother serving me tapioca. I was kinder to my children.

  6. Have to say J. it's nothing like our tapioca pudding at school!

    A big hit on this side of the pond is Bubble Tea...different flavoured teas and juices that have similar seeds in them that turn to glutenous round balls of fun when placed in liquid. I kid you not! Kids love them.

    But J. is right ... use them in smoothies and you'll never know they are there but your body will love you for it.

  7. Come off it V and J; you're outnumbered. We're not convinced!!!

  8. I'll go down with the ship on this one Cro!

  9. I had read about chia seeds for health and I bet my local Whole Foods Store has a concoction like this just waiting for me to try. Will let you know.

  10. All these things I've never tried V. I like the sound of almond milk, coconut milk and honey - sounds a good combination.

  11. Chai tea is grand. Tapioca — I think not. But thanks for the idea, even if I decide to pass on it.

  12. chai beans?
    never heard of them but I must say Like cro, if the consistancy is like tapioca..then I am off quicksticks... would love to know just what the taste is like though

  13. They are Chia seeds not Chai seeds.... and it's fabulous! You don't need to have them straight like tapioca but hide them in things. I am sorry that you guys are passing on one of the most amazing Superfoods available to you. The Aztecs had it right! we need to embrace their traditions....

    And mum you forgot one ingredient... a touch of vanilla

  14. So did we get to Chai beans from Chia seeds! LOL

    and OMG!! that is the key ingredient Katie, the Vanilla, how could I have
    forgotten it!!! Especially when its from the bottle you brought me back
    from Mexico....pure vanilla...not an extract! Yum!

    I'm sipping some right now .... delicious


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