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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Monday, June 27, 2011

No More Mrs. Nice Guy...

Today, the window-washers
came to our complex.
5 townhouses, 2 free-standing houses...
not a big contract, but I would think fairly easy money...
and hey...times are tough.

They asked me if they could use my water.
Mrs. Nice Guy said "Sure...and guys, I'll even leave
the garage door open so you can access the tap."

I couldn't believe it when I came out
around 6.00.
Not a worker to be found anywhere...
my garage door still open...

Guess who's garage-door windows did NOT get cleaned?

What is the matter with these guys?
They knew I was home,
all they had to do was knock on the door, say thank you,
and make sure the garage door was down so they could clean my windows!

Sorry, World...but no more Mrs. Nice Guy!


  1. maybe they'll come back

  2. They just weren't thinking! I wonder what they do if no one is home to get water.

    Love the snarling dog.

  3. I had a similar thing happen at Christmas when I left my garbage man a gift and he didn't take the trash that day......

  4. mbj...fat chance.
    I wondered the same thing Chania...I guess they would bug the people next door.
    Jessica/Kim...were just not going to take it anymore! LOL!

  5. Service is no longer part of most people's language, sadly.

  6. I hope you didn't make them tea as well!

  7. ordinarily would have done Cro...but my dad was just too busy yesterday!
    Nor pride in ones's work everything's about getting it done (any old way will do) and getting out.

  8. Hope it did not ruin your day, but I would be ticked off also. I would have called up the business manager and complained.

  9. I think I would feel exactly the same as you J.

  10. SOAC-M...this is a small company. I let our property management company know how I felt and asked her to speak with the owner. Just annoys met that so much energy has to be spent telling people how to behave properly!

  11. hey J...what if?
    What if... one guy's kid had been hurt and he had to be rushed to the school
    What guy hurt himself and had to be taken to the hospital
    What guy got a call that his mother just died
    What if?
    Please stay as the Mrs. Nice Guy!

  12. You know me V. Just a moment in time.
    Although I don't believe it was any of the 'what ifs' you suggest!
    It's just easier to be nice. Staying mad takes way too much energy.

  13. Yeah!
    You know J., I always remember our Nigel, when we were visiting the IOW, and he was running from the hospice to the hospital along with chauffeuring us around, sleep deprived and torn between his wife and his daughter...and he pulled into the parking lot just a little too fast and that lady with her dog started yelling at him at how he was so inconsiderate and shouldn't be driving so fast, blah, blah, blah.
    She was totally right...but! .... she just didn't have the whole story!!!!
    I'm sure she would have been kinder to him if she did.

  14. I remember! Wasn't that the same night you pointed at the moon.LOL!


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