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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Week

This is a big (celebratory) week for

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary!

Yikes...where has the time gone?...

and Saturday is my birthday!

Look what showed up today,
okay it's not brand new,
and it's not white...
but I think it's just about perfect!

Now if the weather dips somewhere below 35 celsius
I'll be able to go for a ride!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, that is wonderful and I am just a little envious of the bicycle,hope you enjoy it very much.Have a lovely evening together.

  2. Happy happy Birthday and Anniversary to you. Congratulations on your Anniversary.

    I hope that this weather breaks so you can go out on that bike. I actually showed my husband your post on the bike and hinted he could get me one in Florida.

    Have a wonderful celebratory week.


  3. Congrats....we had our 37th the end of June. That looks like a pretty nice bike.

  4. Oh..get one is so much fun!
    Thanks for your lovely thoughts everyone...have to say, the decision to marry brilliant husband might be the best thing I ever did!

  5. Happy birthday; happy anniversary! Did you plan to get married on your birthday?
    Glad you like the bike. Hope you get to use it, soon.

  6. You see, even falling off a bike can be sexy. Congrats on your gaggle of anniversaries. 37 years of marriage must mean that you're a nice person (as if we didn't know!).

  7. No, Rob-bear, we weren't planning on a birthday-wedding. It was just my little brother was still in school in England when we were searching for a date for the wedding in Canada, so we had to wait until he was finished school for the summer, and this was the first availability for the church!

    Or that I am married to a saint Cro!!!

  8. Wonderful! Happy Birthday for Saturday J and congratulations on your 37th wedding anniversary too. Love Molly xx

  9. Celebratory hugs all around! And lucky you! You will look great on that bike!

    And I'd take that heat over our crummy weather! Really!

  10. Be careful what you wish for Trish!

  11. Happy Birthday AND Anniversary Jacqueline!! So thrilled that you actually got your's just like being a kid again isn't it?!
    Birthday hugs...
    xo J~


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