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Monday, July 25, 2011


I just might have given the wrong impression in my last post!

You see I'm definitely NOT the cook my sister J., is

so it might have looked as if I actually cooked the lamb curry myself!

Oh, just not so!

it was

'Curry in a Hurry' for me last night.

Thanks to the Grocery Goddess up the road from me

'Niagara Grocery - Get Fresh with a Local'

I was able to pick up Vij's delicious Lamb Curry from his line of
frozen take outs.

Vij's restaurant is located at West 10th avenue in Vancouver.

Owner/chef Vikam Vij and his wife Meeru Dhawlawa have
developed the most delicious line of take out entree's that
are now available in Victoria.

see the full delicious line here

Now they do say 'boil in the bag' and I can see J.
collapsing on the floor right now in horror of such a thought!
. . . so I must add that I did cut open the bag and place contents in a
saucepan to reheat! I also cooked brown rice and green beans as a side!

Now I am thinking of buying Vij's cookbook

and might one day
actually try to cook one of his recipes from scratch!

love from Victoria


  1. You are so funny...I am not collapsing on the floor in horror. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
    If I remember correctly, Lindsay went to Vij's resto the last time she was there...said without doubt it was the best meal she has ever eaten.
    They did have to wait a VERY LONG time for their table, (no reservations, first come, first served) but even this they do well, seating you in their lounge serving chai and appetizers.
    I'm just looking for good curry recipies at the moment (don't forget to send me your chickpea one). do cook!

  2. Lol what a hoot! As we live in a small town with no gorgeous place to pop to we have to put up with my yukk curries once in a blue moon,at least you had somewhere to run and what an honest little poppet you are lol

  3. Worry not V! It looks great!

  4. I've just had lunch, so I'm not here salivating over your discovery, Victoria.
    Otherwise I would be hungry as a Bear.

  5. forgot to mention before V...that is a beautiful picture of those healing hands!

  6. We'll forgive you Victoria. 'Heating-up' is regarded as cooking in many homes, and it did look VERY GOOD!

  7. Dear Jacqueline (with apologies for addressing myself to you on Victoria's post), thank you very much for the recipe - it was ever so kind of you to type it in, and the ingredients I don't have are on my shopping list on the fridge, ready for my next excursion. Meanwhile, I'm assembling enough people to eat 60 of them. Thanks again, and applause for your wise views on food.

  8. we all have different talents...
    #mine is NOT in the kitchen
    ( or in the bedroom for that matter!)


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