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Sunday, September 11, 2011

La Belle Province

It has been 35 years since I have been in Montreal,
in Quebec...La Belle Province

and shame on me for leaving it for so long.

The drive here, through north-eastern Ontario was spectacular

along the St. Lawrence river...beautiful.

Our first night, we wandered through the Old City
trying to choose a restaurant for dinner from the astonishing
number of choices.

We finally settled on a tiny, intimate, romantic tapas spot called

Highlight for today?

Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal,

won by Rui Costa of Portugal...a really exciting race!

Stay tuned...only day 3!


  1. More pictures please.

  2. C'est très bien! Glad you're having such a good time.

  3. Ce que j'aime par-dessus tout, c'est a manger des tapas dans un petit resto intime! Pour moi, rien n'est comparable. Bisou.

  4. I was going to write something in welsh to be difficult!
    bob hwyl

  5. Thanks for dropping by today Jacqueline and Victoria, it's good to meet you both.
    I too haven't been to Montreal for quite sometime....why? Who knows! I guess life takes over for a while and we stay 'close to home'. No excuses now and thinks for the nudge!
    Great photos you both take.

  6. Well said Cro...nothing better!
    Who's that guy bob hwyl John?
    Everyone here has been so lovely. The last time we were in Montreal, the English/French divide was a lot greater. Cheers to the younger generation for wanting us to be a more united country!
    Our main reason for being here is to attend Expocycle - Canada's largest cycling trade show. I have seen more bikes and bike stuff than I ever thought possible.
    Leaving here tomorrow...sigh (in French, of course).


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