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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleeping with the windows open...

What is it about sleeping with the windows open? it the coolness of the air that makes you want to snuggle down under the blankets, cosy, warm and safe? it the soft rustle of the curtains, fluttered by the wind that
gently sings you to sleep? it the October rain, tap, tap, tapping on the glass
that matches the restful beating of your heart? it the scent of night that intoxicates you into the arms of morpheus?

...whatever it is, I love it.  We sleep with the windows open until the bitterness of winter forces me to close them for fear of frost on our faces when we wake in the morning.

Night, night...sleep tight...


  1. Me too, Jacqueline. I need to be reasonably warm up to my chin, then breathe reasonably cool fresh air. Mind you, being an insomniac it doesn't help too much.

  2. I normally have the windows open in all weather, but last night I closed them because of a howling wind. The top photo looks like John Gray's bedroom.

  3. (I should have said how I IMAGINE John's bedroom to look...)

  4. WE were discussing this last night as a cool breeze gently wafted across our faces.We had wardrobes built in this year which meant the bed had to go under the window,we just love it,Bob built caps over our windows last year as most old Aussie homes have,this means it can be absolutely pouring rain and we can have the windows open and we do,we also have a tin roof so we just adore the rain beating on it,I am finding under the open window a blissful place to sleep.

  5. SOAC-M, Good sleeping weather is crucial. I'm not sure enough people consider this.
    Cro...sorry you don't sleep enough...a body needs this time to heal an regenerate...must be awfully wearing on you.
    Not enough dogs for John's bedroom I think Tom. I love howling winds the best.
    ABL - your sleeping environment sounds the idea of a cap for the window. Unfortunately when it's raining and windy, the rain just comes straight in our house. Good news is, I am a light sleeper and have been know to go dashing madly about the house at night shutting windows!

  6. I have just got up and felt rested till I read your post, now you tempt me to return to slumberland and open the window

  7. Go on Helen...I give you permission!

  8. I too love the windows sleep of all is when the air is cold but your down duvet is warm as toast.

  9. I agree Chania...just changed out the summer duvet for the winter one...and if that's not enough, there's the matelasse blanket sitting at the bottom of the bed. I love it when the blankets are so heavy you can barely turn over. LOL!

  10. Nope, not for me ... here on the island it's bloody freezing at night - all year round the ocean the wind blows up the street to little house making it an ice cube at night and so damp!...probably would help if there was some insulation in this 1895 house of mine!
    I like it cosy and warm - no chills anywhere!

  11. On a balmy summer night - yes. Howling wind and rain like today - no way - absolutely on V's side :0)

  12. I remember staying with you when you were in the condo right on the wasn't so much the damp and cold and the schreeeeeeeeching seagulls. Still I persisted with the open windows! :)

  13. Yup those seagulls were crazy!
    I think it's about time you came for another visit J.


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