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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011

And so the year rolls round again!

Here we are at the Blogtopia Event of the date for this grand fete?

The Stig...

...truthfully, I asked the other three guys on

Top Gear first.



and Mays aka Dr. Slow,

but they were all too busy driving gazillion-dollar cars around in circles, or some such other inane activity.

So I asked the Stig.

Now, to be perfectly accurate, he didn't say "Yes",
but he also didn't say "No".

Actually, he didn't say anything, because he doesn't...ever.

So I'm taking that as an acceptance.

I've left very precise directions as to where and when he is to collect me
in his Reasonably Priced Car.

What am I wearing?

Matching outfits....of course!

Some say:

I'll let you know if any of this, and more, is true...tomorrow!
(That's if he shows up to fetch me.)


  1. See you there Jacqueline. If you spot someone in full highland (MacLennan) tartan evening wear (kilt etc), then that's me. My date for the evening, Ms Maureen O'Hara, will shine, and need no introduction.

  2. A racer, a storm trooper? And you, ready to dive into a pool or a patient . . . I have spotted you, and I am watching to see what Stig will do, and how you will respond. It is fun to have new acquaintances at Willow's ball!

  3. I love your matching outfits. He looks absolutely mysterious!

  4. These Top Gear hounds shall surely be sniffing around all the posh and gleaming chrome appearing at this evening ball as well. Ta

  5. You have tamed Stig, great job! And you looked smashing!

  6. Maybe Dick and Tommy can persuade him to remove that helmet. I mean, really, how is he going to enjoy my truffles with that thing on?

  7. And you were worried about what my steam might do to your hair? Hope you are having a wild time!

  8. Ah, Jacqueline, what a pleasure to meet you and *Stig* last night! What fun we all had! Happy you realised who *Tommy H* really was....

    LUV those matching outfits.... me an idea for next year!

    Ta-ta, Dahling!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Jacqueline, I'll have to take you on a spin on the Norton before I become too fuzzy.

  10. I'm such a dork that I didn't know who Stig was, but I get the picture from reading this! I totally dig your goggles and helmet.

  11. Ah, sounds like you are in for an adventure tonight. I look forward to seeing you and Stig at Willow Manor!

  12. He sounds a bit dangerous. I looked him up and it read "Some say that after he makes love, he eats his partner's head. And that he's recently cut down on his binge drinking, because it's gone up in price. All we know is, he's call The Stig.

    Well, I guess he's safe as long as you keep him at arms length. Which might be hard for as, even though your outfit isn't the most glamorous, it shows your amazing lips off to perfection.

    I'm sure we will all be watching The Stig carefully...

  13. save a dance and a ride for us dearest! So nice to meet you! :)

  14. You obviously had a wonderful time and it was so nice to meet you.

  15. Thank you for making the Willow Manor Ball 2011 so enjoyable...


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