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This is not about being brilliant, or extraordinary, it's not about wanting to be famous, or making headlines, or trying to impress...this about sharing a 'gift' each day with the lift the spirit of people when they read this blog, to show them the beauty in the ordinary.
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Call Me Crazy..but...

We have...

Happy New Year...

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Easter...

Happy Canada Day...

Happy Thanksgiving...

and just last night, Happy Halloween...


MERRY? Christmas...

For the sake of universal consistency...for me, from here on in
it's back to the UK greeting...

and yes,'s November 1...
 let the decorating begin!


  1. I'm with you J. Being British I always say Happy Christmas....try finding a card in this country that says happy not merry. It's impossible.

  2. I LOVE the new 'Tinkerbell' style magic cursor, Jacqueline!

  3. Might have to make your own Chania!

    Isn't it fun Tom!

  4. My eyes have gone all funny... I'm seeing sparkles everywhere. Happy Christmas.

  5. Tis the season Cro!
    Oh John...why be normal??

  6. I like it sounds so...."Little Women-ish"!!

  7. I like Happy Christmas too. Okay how did you get the sparkles?

  8. I'd tell you Olive...but then I'd have to shoot you! LOL!
    Seriously...go to

  9. Love the cursor :-)

    I never gave Happy vs Merry much thought, but now that you've got me thinking about it, I'm kind of liking Happy :-)

  10. Lovely and different as usual..we start decorating Dec 1 but...all the goodies get organised way before that lol.

  11. Those twinkly plusses are cool. I'm happy.

  12. BL...the little note at the end of the post to my friend Petra is for real...she really holds herself back but by the time Novemeber 1 rolls around, she truly can't help herself.!

    Think I should have done a tutorial on the sparklies Molly! I think the happys win!

  13. I would much rather be shot by you than some one who thinks I am trying to steal something when in fact I am taking photographs.

  14. Olive...expect to see sparkles very soon!

  15. All so delightful.

    And soon it will be new year, and we'll start all over again.

  16. ...and aren't we so very lucky to be able to do so Rob-bear...

  17. Happy Christmas darling J.
    The cursor is a little bit like you...adding a little sparkle wherever you go to whomever you meet.

  18. Those pictures made me bright and cheerful.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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