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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mumblings and Musings of Two Sisters...Letter #5

P.O. Box 1354
Where the River meets the Lake Behind the Falls
On the Mainland

Did you watch that debacle Sunday night?  I mean...Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Song of Lunch...a recipe for ecstasy, right?  WRONG!  What self-indulgent rubbish...soooooo disappointing.
Moving on...the season is beginning!  I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas.  I've pulled all the bins and baskets out and the house is beginning to smile...really, I'm not kidding!  

Thank you Universe...the weather has been so accommodating.  I've been able to decorate the front porch, while cleaning up leaves and putting all the garden 'stuff' away at the same time.
We picked up the local paper the other day and participated in the Home Depot Christmas Light Trade In.  They took your old, non-working strings of lights, and for each one traded a coupon for 30% off five new ones.  I was positively giddy!  The house couldn't twinkle more if it tried.

Both the girls and I have agreed that presents will be a low priority this year.  We each want to make this Christmas special in all the other ways, so I am raiding my games cupboard; trying to come up with easy recipes we can cook together and planning some long, interesting local walks.
I've been thinking about the Christmas movie list too.  Not sure why, but 84 Charing Cross Road keeps speaking to me...I'm pretty sure it's not a Christmas movie, but, what the hey!  Of course, Love Actually will be top of the list.  Any other suggestions?
Saturday morning, one of the local churches (do you know we have six within walking distance in our little town and only two pubs...rather disproportionate don't you think?) is hosting its Annual Bazaar.  I'm sure it will be full of lots of hand-crocheted ornaments and the like.  I'm actually on the hunt for an antique linen or handmade hand-towel for the powder room.  I had a look at  some new ones in town yesterday, but nothing spoke to my heart.

Then we have the Candlelight Stroll on December 3 and our lovely Christmas Parade December 10.  Likely we will participate with local friends for the former and Lindsay, her man and his little girl are coming for the is Rudy's dad.  It will be Immie and Papa...can't wait for those photos.
So tell me all of your lovely holiday plans on the west coast.  Are you cooking this year...or are the 'gang' entertaining you? 
And how is 303 Little House looking?  What are you and Molly planning for decorations?  You know I always look to you for inspiration.  I would like to have all the decorating finished, including having the tree up, by the beginning of December, so that I can fully concentrate on stocking the freezer.  Too often I find myself confined to the kitchen over the holidays.  I'm really going to try and be organized so I can cut back on my KP duties.  As well you know though, pre-planning meals is not my forte...I love it when they just sort of happen, and having our little supermarket just across the street is such a temptation to last-minute ideas.  I must stay focused.

Thanks for the walk and the rose-hip tonic recipe in your last letter.  Rose hips don't seem to be in abundance in the wild down here, so if you should read a news report of "local woman arrested for creeping into her neighbour's garden in the dead of night armed with secateurs", you will promise to come and bail me out won't you?

What I wouldn't give for a real walk with you.  Rudy and I have been out almost every morning and while I really appreciate the exercise...I practically have to run to be able to keep up with him...conversation is a little on the sparse side.  Oh well, one takes what one can get, right?

Write soon, missing you desperately as always, love j.


  1. How absolutely lovely and we without a sister have missed something in life.

  2. you two are so sweet
    (and I mean than nicely!)

  3. ABL...there are sisters of blood and sisters of love. I hope you have at least one in your life.

    John...of course you do...I wouldn't take it any other way.

  4. I was by myself for Christmas last year, as Lady M was unexpectedly snowed-up in London, and couldn't get back to France. I'd been hoping to watch both 'Love Actually' and 'It's a wonderful Life' on TV as compensation.... but they didn't appear!

    What about fancy dress for Christmas dinner; Victorian theme maybe? Or even just 'black tie'.

  5. I agree, so very tender and sweet

  6. It's A Wonderful Life wasn't televised in your part of the world Cro? That's a travesty. Lovely idea about Christmas Dinner. I think I'd have more success with the black tie idea than Victorian fancy dress with my crew...I'll run it by them and see what the reaction is. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Z...I'm carefully monitoring your decorating progress...everything is looking beautiful.


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