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Friday, January 6, 2012

Loving Your Job

Daughter No 2, the one that lives in Florida has a very special job.
She is the personal chef at a clinic for women with eating disorders.

We, her family, call them Jess' broken birds.
She loves each and every one of them.

Jess cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for them and twice a week teaches cooking classes.  With her love of food, her talent as a chef, her winning smile and killer sense of humour, she forms an ancillary part of the recovery team taking on the task of un-demonizing food for this fragile women.

This Christmas Jess was fortunate enough to have a ten-day holiday and so has just returned to work.
On her first day back...this is what greeted her.

How wonderful to be so appreciated.

Lucky girl, she loves her wonder.


  1. ah.... to be appreciated... that is the biggest bonus

  2. It is not the money you earn, but rather the job you love that makes all the difference. To be appreciated and know that you have had a positive impact upon others is so fulfilling.

    Jess' students are very fortunate.

  3. That was really nice. Jess must have felt so chuffed when she found it waiting for her.

  4. They had a long drive home Molly...24 hours on the road, so I knew she was going to be pooped by the time they got there late Tuesday night. Jess had to be up for work bright and early Wednesday morning, so I sent her a short note asking how things were going around mid-morning. She replied "fabulous!" So, yes...I think she was well chuffed!

  5. Oh J I'm so pleased too and glad that they had such a wonderful time with you & R and also a safe journey home - 24 hours on the road, bless her she must have been absolutely exhausted. The little note - just the booster needed xx

  6. To both love your job, AND be appreciated, must be the ultimate goal. She should frame that letter and read it every morning. When I was teaching, I received a 'love letter' from a 5 year old girl... I do wish I'd kept it.


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