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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strange How Things Come Together

For lots of unrelated reasons,
I've been thinking about organized Christian religions lately.

The most difficult issue I have,
is the juxtaposition of the opulence of the church versus the poverty of many of their congregations. 

Then I started thinking about the movie
"The Shoes of the Fisherman"
and I began a quest to try and find it. 

I don't remember much about the movie, but I do remember how it ended, and I was eager to watch it again.  Nowhere to be found on Netflix, my cable on-demand station, or even the local library.

I'd pretty much give up on the search when this past Saturday, Rudy and I were attending our local Strawberry Festival.

After buying my lovely pots of locally-made jam,

 I was rummaging through the used book stall (just cannot pass by a tableful of books) and I found the novel
"The Shoes of The Fisherman", by Australian writer Morris L. West.
Until that moment, I didn't even know the book existed.

I'm eager to read it because I believe the Universe has a message in it for me.
I'll let you know when I've finished reading it, and I've figured out just what that message is.


  1. What a wonderful, thought provoking post Jacqueline.

    Have a wonderful week!

    White Spray Paint

  2. That was one if the first things I thought about when I began my journey away from religion.

  3. Hopefully away from religion and closer to God Sock'em...

  4. Hello Jacqueline

    Imagine finding that book when you were thinking of it. That is the Holy Spirit, the Secret, some divine power or whatever you want to call it working for you. Many years ago I was extremely frustrated with "the church" and someone I respect enormously said to me (the famous words of JFK) "ask yourself what you can do for it and not what it can do for you".

    Sending you prayers and good wishes

    Helen xx

  5. I vaguely remember the movie. Interesting it was. I hope you have a wonderful time reading the book. Do let us know what you learn from it.

    In the meantime, I'll keep working with this congregation I have been asked (temporarily) to serve. Huge building, small congregation, just about no money, uncertain about mission. Life is interesting. Mostly about being faithful; not so much about being religious.

  6. When I was very young (12 ish) I remember visiting the Cathedral in Palma Majorca. There was a small room with a central glass case in which were piles of precious stones. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc, were just sitting there in a glass case. I imagine we were all supposed to be impressed; personally I was disgusted. At that same visit, when we left, we saw priests sending beggars away from the front steps. It all seemed so wrong.

  7. Don't you just love it when things like that happen Jacqueline...I love signs and finding that book is one of them. I look forward to what you discover after reading it again.
    Jeanne xx

  8. Finding clues and answers along the path of enjoyment (Strawberry festival) is the way it works. Always move toward what you love and what feels deeply good. And keep us posted.

  9. I drive every Sunday to a beautiful church in the poorest neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. There was a time I thought the same as you, that all changed. A priest made a similar remark as your's. There was an old nun that calmly said~Even the poor love beauty, not just the rich. This is the one place in the world poor and rich come together as equals.~ I've never forgotten that. So I drive 30 min. in order that the poor in this other wise ugly neighborhood have beauty. It offers life to a place that knows violence and death too well.


    1. Beauty isn't necessarily opulent or indulgent Kathy...that's my point.


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