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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Busy Weekend...

It's 4:55 am and I have been awake since 3.30.  Husband's raucous snoring woke me initially, but if I am honest it was too much food and a splash too much wine last evening that keeps me awake right now.

Since the New Year, as part of embracing a more healthy lifestyle, we have embarked on a new eating regime including a lot of freshly-made vegetable and fruit juices replacing most of the meals of the day, and I have found the (delicious) pasta consumed last night is now sitting like a hard lump somewhere just slightly south of my sternum.

Today is FIL's 84th birthday, and the fam-dam are traveling down from town to celebrate at our home.

Chicken Marbella is marinating in the fridge and back ribs, prepped and slow-cooked yesterday in olive oil, salt, pepper and lashings of fresh herbs, will just require reheating and a turn under the broiler.  I will serve them both with steamed jasmine rice and haricot vert tossed in lemon butter.

Oh yes...and today is the Ice Wine Festival in town, so the plan is to have everyone arrive around noon, chat and catch up over appetizers ever-so-gratefully supplied by one of my sisters-in-law and then we shall all toddle off to the High Street to admire the ice sculptures and imbibe of miniature tastings of last year's vintage.  Back to ours for a late, lazy Saturday afternoon lunch followed by desserts provided by second sister-in-law, happy-birthday-singing and then off-you-all-go-home, while Rudy and I ferry the detritus, dishes and extra chairs back to their resting places.

Tomorrow will be a slow morning catching up on newspapers, world affairs and The Vinyl Cafe on the radio, us both in our bath robes in front of a roaring fire until noon.

Then a brisk walk to the waterfront before an afternoon of America Football and the final run-up to the Super Bowl.

I hope there are enough leftovers from Saturday because I have absolutely no intention of cooking.

Happy Weekend everyone!
Thank you A Fine Spun Fancy for the lovely images


  1. Good Morning Jacqueline

    What delightful plans for what I sure will be a wonderful weekend. The ice wine festival must be magical. Happy Birthday to your FIL


  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned! Enjoy every single minute of it! And Happy Birthday to your FIL!

    1. He was so cute...showed up showered, shaved and in his best three piece suit!

  3. J,I'm a little bit late, but happy birthday to your Father-in-Law. The party sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks Molly...just ferried the dishes to the third loading of the dishwasher...don't think even Rudy's snoring will keep me awake tonight!

  4. Wow! Sounds like a fab but hectic weekend. Your Sunday morning sounds the best though ;-) xx

    1. Made it through Saturday and am now treating myself to a well-earned glass of wine. Happily thinking of a lazy, lazy Sunday!


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