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Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanks Chania

Yesterday found us in St. Petersburg, Florida.
As I was sitting in a cafe waiting for Rudy to complete a business meeting, I sent Chania of Razmataz a note as this is her south-of-the-border stomping ground and she owns a holiday home here.

Within minutes she had replied with a recommendation for lunch and the address of her house, should we wish to drive by.  (She, unfortunately is in snowy Canada right now, so meeting up was not going to work!)

So off we went on a little exploratory adventure of St. Petes.  We had been here, many moons ago when the kids were little, but had never really explored the area in depth.

Her house is gorgeous...

and Chania - you have brilliant neighbourhood watch.  People were checking us out within seconds of us pulling up in front on your house and kept vigil until we pulled away!

I love the way the house is set back from the road and the vegetation in front of the fencing is gorgeous!

Then we ventured on to the restaurant Chania said to check out for lunch.

Ceviche on Central

Beautiful decor, with the menu written on the tiles on the columns...

terra cotta tables...

Sangria served in spectacular blue and white ceramic jugs...

loved these lights...

Our waitress Christina was a delight, but the highlight had to be the food...

shrimp, calamari, meatballs made from chorizo, roasted potatoes, served tapas-style...

and, of course, ceviche made at the uber-fresh ceviche bar...

all enjoyed with a delicious glass of portugese wine...

Then we took a little stroll around the marina just across from the restaurant.

The water was so clear it shone like glass.

We were so lucky to have this recommendation, it turned a trip we had to make into an wonderfully enjoyable adventure.

Bloggers are the Best!  Thanks again Chania!


  1. That sounds wonderful J - Just what you both need. Have a lovely holiday

  2. Oh, that does sound good - glad you are having a wonderful time.

  3. We spent many summers in Medeira Beach, which is right next to St. Pete's. Wish we had found that restaurant.

  4. Ah, Jacqueline, thank you for taking us with you! I can feel the deliciousness of the restaurant and am drinking up the abundance of your experience. You've blessed us all. My best to you and Rudy for the New Year.

  5. That looks so good. Next time you go; call me!

  6. Wow! the decor of the restaurant reminds me of where I used to live in Spain; the food also ;-)
    Fingers crossed for the business meeting + thank you for your lovely comments over at mine. Pleased the post resonated with you xx

  7. You went to Ceviche! I love those potatoes! Glad you enjoyed it. We always take guests there because they do tapas so well. Babe Ruth used to stay at that hotel where Ceviche is housed.

    Glad you saw the house. We have just moved all those plantings from the center court to the front when the pool went in and had a path made from the old bricks on our property. Yes, our neighbors re great and watch out for us...

    Safe trip home to the cooler climate.

  8. Loved it Chania...have recommended it to friends who live in St. Pete's too. Please say hello to Christina (our waitress) the next time you go.
    Your house is just lovely. Thanks for the recco - it turned a potentially boring trip into a wonderful adventure.


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