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Monday, April 26, 2010

J.  Well done V.  My favourite!
Here in Niagara on the Lake, we are fortunate enough to have access to St. David's Hydroponics, and as such have been able to enjoy their red, yellow and orange peppers (sorry, I don't do the green me it's just an unripe vegetable!) for the past month or so.
I've tried as many recipes as I can think of to use these beauties, but they still remain best eaten raw.  The utter sweetness of them is mouth-watering! And, aside from the nutritional value (there is significantly more vitamin C in a European bell pepper than a large orange), I think shiny, plump peppers are one of the prettiest vegetables ever!
The US food and drug administration has approved the following descriptors for bell peppers..."fat- free, saturated fat-free, sodium free, cholesterol free, low-calorie and high in vitamin C."

St. David's also grow eggplant.  One trick my daughter taught me, and no, not the chef, the other one...was to slice an eggplant as thinly length-wise as you can...quickly brush it with olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pop it under a hot, hot broiler.  Watch them carefully and when they start to brown, turn, re-brush with oil, re-sprinkle with salt, back under the broiler until they are crisp and Voila...eggplant chips!  As delicious as any potato chip...and much better for you!

It is so wonderful to be coming out of winter and into all these beautiful, delicious spring vegetables!


  1. Thanks J (& L!) for the eggplant idea! I must admit that eggplant has always befuddled me!

    Love your daily posts - both of yours (J&V!) and the ever-changing photos are my daily treat!

  2. Nice to have you along for the ride Lili...and you know we are loving watching your beautiful house grow!

  3. I love anything with the word 'chips' in it....going to try these tonight!


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