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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Books...The End of the Alphabet

J.  Okay V...time to talk about books.  Somewhere to go and hide.  A place to loose yourself and find yourself.  A journey.  I have been reading 'a book' since I was seven years old.  Never, never, never, since then, have I not had the companionship of a book.  I cannot imagine my life without something to read.  How many times have I had to open my suitcase at the check-in counter at the airport and pull out the hardcover (it's all I buy) books because my luggage was over-weight?
A tender agreement my husband and I share is that one of the most beautiful things you can leave your children is your library. It shows all sides of your personality...the myriad of your vulnerability.  We have moved trans-pacifically many times and always we move our books. When each of the girls left home, we sent their childhood books along with them.
My friends may borrow any book I own...but it must always, always find its way home.

So here is my first submission...The End of the Alphabet by CS Richardson.  A tender love story that can be read in one sitting.  This story captivated my heart.
"A gem....A very difficult book to put down..even when the final page is turned." The Globe and Mail
"Delightful, graceful, stylish, humorous, intelligent and lacking even the faintest whiff of sanctimony.  Each page shimmers with life at its gentle, everyday best:  always unraveling at one end of the alphabet or the other, laced with love."  Washington Post
"Nothing less than gorgeous...evocative and unforgettable, it manages to arouse both a longing for travel and a longing for home...It is beautiful.  Both inside and out."  Calgary Herald.


  1. What a beautiful post on books...and such timing! I just put together a post on paper + appreciation for the many uses of paper, whether it be books, magazines, or written letters...

    Hoping you had a lovely weekend! + Happy Mother's Day...


  2. Thanks Sarah...I'll be sure to drop by and read all about it!


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