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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can't Believe It!

J.  Yikes...I've just realized I have come to Florida without my camera!  Me...who goes everywhere with it!  It must have been a consequence of getting up at 3.00 a.m. to catch the flight here.
So this week I am taking pictures with my eyes and storing them in my heart.  I'll try to describe in words what I can't show you in a photo.
I'm sitting at my computer which is in the bedroom of our home here.  The designers of this house thoughtfully made the window in this room almost wall to wall and ceiling to floor, so I sit looking at the aqua-blue of the water glimmering in the pool, the inky-blue of the lake and the soft baby-blue of the sky peppered by translucent white baby clouds.
I choose to type without my (one) contact lens (that I wear for distance) makes looking at the screen less taxing, so as a consequence my distance vision is softened around the edges.  I can see the early-morning golfers in their pretty shades of summer on the green, but can't make out faces.
It's too hot for blooming flowers at this time of year, but the leaves on all the shrubs are thick and shiny and deep shades of luscious green.
What a photo cannot capture are the sounds and smells of a scene.  The gentle hum of the pool equipment, the screech of the local cat-birds, the shushing of the wind in the palm fronds and the slapping of the waves on the water.  The deep vanilla-scented air of some plant or other than I have yet to track down.
And then there is the sensuousness of the scene...coming from the damp, cold climate of England, warm, humid air has seemed exotic to me my entire life.  I remember stepping off the plane for the very first time as a child in Hawaii, then Honolulu International Airport was a grass-topped hut and you had to leave the plane directly onto the hot squishy tarmac.  There was a beautiful Hawaiian girl waiting at the bottom of the gangplank with a lei of frangiapane that she placed around our necks and freshly-squeezed icy-cold pineapple juice waited for us in the 'terminal'.
So with this first non-visual photo from Florida V. , let's begin next week, speaking about Travel...something you and I have done since we were little...and one thing I think we both can do without ever leaving home.

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  1. describe everything with the eye of the photographer, that you are, so deliciously!
    I too will never forget the 'feeling' of the experience we had as children stepping off the plane to the warm air of Hawaii. The magic of this island will always stay with me. Travel was so different back then.
    I am excited to share our memories.


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