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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diamond Head Straight Ahead...Waikiki below.....

J.  Since we are in Honolulu...let's stay there for a while.  This photo, taken in 1971, is of V & me with a dear, dear friend Jim Hodges.  In the background, you can see his lovely wife Helen.   Jim ran the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Honolulu and that's how our Dad and he became friends.  
We began visiting Hawaii when we were little, when Elvis Presley shot Blue Hawaii, when flying was dressing in your very best clothes and being served carved roast beef in-flight.
This picture was taken on my 18th birthday...celebrated in Hawaii...and when V. met the love of her life at just 16.  No wonder Hawaii holds a special place in her heart.
We spent days at our darling little hotel (Jim had retired by this time, so no special rates at the Hilton any more!) and then evenings with Jim and Helen at their home, listening to Helen sing and watching the magical sun set over Diamond Head.  These two darling people did everything in their power to make us feel loved and special.  
I returned to Hawaii with my husband and girls when Rudy and I started living overseas.  It was our first break out of Tokyo.  I went with a heart full of memories, thrilled that Rudy understood my desire to share this experience with him and our children.
Of course, our trip bore no resemblance to my childhood visits, but that was can't go home again, nor should you want to. Travel is about moving forward, making new memories.  Aloha!

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