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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Raold Dahl

Sunday, May 16, 2010

V. Our story this week begins in Hawaii, with a song of Waikiki and Diamond Head, written and sung by our most gracious family friend - Helen Hodges.
Helen also wrote of another place...Salisbury, England, and of an Old Inn there...The Rose and the Crown.
This 13 century Inn holds a special place in our hearts. Our dear sister Lynne and her husband Nigel were proprietors there for many years. I also had my wedding reception there, celebrating in its gardens, with the River Avon running through, it did have swans, and not far on the banks on the other side you could see Salisbury Cathedral in all its ancient glory.
It was breathtaking.
Let Helen's song take you on a journey to this old English village, with all the charm of a Jane Austen's novel.

In Salisbury England, on a bank of a river...
There is an Inn called the Rose and the Crown.
With swans on the river,
and an old fashioned garden, stay there in beauty
though centuries have gone
I'll always remember if my life be long, the ghost of Victoria
once maid of the inn.
She bade me to listen to these words she did say...
All that's not good will soon pass away.
But kindness and patience, mercy and love,
these are the good things we're all too little of.
Kindness and patience, mercy and love these are the
truths that will live for aye.
Prove to yourself what I say is true
by having these virtues become a part of you.
Do this, I pray thee, and you'll sow the seed,
for a harvest of peace that this world sorely needs.
Do this, I pray thee, and as you do -
Peace for the World begins with you!
Music and Lyrics
by Helen Hodges

The south of England is our birthplace and was our home for many years. I still call England home although I have lived in Canada for more years than I did there. But it is my sense of belonging, my roots that call me back to reconnect with our England, the smell of the countryside, the colour of green in its landscape that is not like any other green.
My last visit was a few years ago, it took J. and I to the Isle of Wight, a very small island off the south coast to see our sister Lynne.
After a long flight, we then had to take a train to a bus that took us to another train, that took us to a hovercraft that bumped and skimmed across the solent to the Isle.
Traveling can be exhausting especially when you have so many connections to make. But that is the beauty of England, no matter where we were, waiting for the train, or on the train, or at the bus terminal, there was always, and I mean always, a cup of tea to be found. And this was no ordinary tea, but real hot, sweet, English Tea...made with fresh boiling water, and served in a tea pot.
There were times when we both were ready to cry, trying to figure it all out, lugging our suitcases here and there, in those moments we would just look at each other and say at the exact same time...'Right, let's have some tea !".
So in the British tradition, no matter what, we shall keep clam and carry on...just as long as there is tea!

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  1. SO true sis...nothing like a cuppa! Now that you've told of our travels together to about the time we went to Italy together! "A woman without freckes, is like...." You tell that story!


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